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Abnormal cycle since mirena removal

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MamatobeNov17 Tue 07-May-19 19:25:49

Hi guys,
Just looking for some reassurance really. I had my mirena coil taken out at the end of March to ttc #2 and had a very heavy bleed lasting over a week straight after. Since then.... Nothing.
Not even the first hint of my period starting. Its now cycle day 37 since the start of that heavy bleed. I've always had regular cycles and continued to have a light bleed with every month on the coil (which I had in for a year) so I'm bamboozled.
I've had three very bad days of nausea and tiredness but I've done three pregnancy tests at various points since I've been 'overdue, ' most recently today, which have all came back as negative.
Just looking for some reassurance from others who have maybe just had to give it a bit of time before their cycle regulated after the removal?? Rather than there being somenthing wrong - the practice nurse said I could fall pregnant that night pretty much which stupidly got me thinking things would be normal from the offset.

Mycrazylife85 Tue 07-May-19 19:58:19

@MamatobeNov17 I didn't have the coil but took oral contraceptives for 17 years. It took 74 days before I got anything. Then it was so light. I'm currently day 29 and I know it's not coming any time soon either. Hoping it'll shorten each time and I won't have another wait of 45 more days...

It sucks. I'm 33. On the upside I feel a million times better now I'm not in it.

MamatobeNov17 Tue 07-May-19 20:16:39

Oh really @mycrazylife85?! It's mental how much it can affect our bodies eh? One of the reasons I opted for the coil was because it was low hormone and once taken out, no delay in fertility returning but wondering if too good to be true?!
I'm with you on the whole feeling so much better for being off it though!
Also, before conceiving my first at 29, I had been on the pill for 14 years and took about three months for my cycle to regulate, and another three months after that before we conceived #1 - felt like an eternity at the time but wish I'd enjoyed it a bit more!

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