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DNAshelicase Tue 07-May-19 19:08:09

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the conception party and have been TTC for 2 months now but have only ovulated once due to irregular cycles coming off hormonal contraception.

Now that I have finally ovulated I understand that you can test around 10 DPO, but do I start counting days AFTER my fertile window or do I count the first day I ovulated as ‘day one’ iyswim

I know it only makes two days difference but I’m really eager to test asap and want to know when I could potentially see a BFP

RudyRoo Tue 07-May-19 19:21:35

I would count the day after, but dunno if this is right!

RudyRoo Tue 07-May-19 19:23:26

Sorry I don't know if that made sense. So if you know your peak ovulation day then the day after that would be 1dpo. But don't test to early! I would wait until 12/13 if I was you to save your sanity and cost of test! I managed to wait until I was 15DPO and got a nice definite line. I couldn't be dealing with all the guess work!

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