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Hikari92 Tue 07-May-19 08:03:49

I came off the pill at the beginning of January this year to TTC. It was only last month that I had any evidence of my cycle finally coming back online but it was a very half hearted attempt. My period was maybe three days long and very light and then I had a few days scattered over the month with a sort of brown spotting.

I have been tracking my cycle on an app so I knew when my fertile window was coming up. I knew that as it was the first cycle since coming off the pill that was sort of kicking in there might have been no chance anyway but what the hell. I am a couple of days away from when my period should be next (I'm irregular so god knows when it will actually be) and I have felt quite queasy the last three days, boobs have felt a bit uncomfortable and my BBT that I track has been elevated compared to what I normally am around this time. I was starting to go crazy wondering so I got an early detection test, took it this morning and it was negative. I am a little disappointed but I knew that there was only a tiny chance this month anyway.
My only concern is that according to my temperature chart, I had two spikes about 3 - 4 days apart, the second one higher than the first. I know this isn't a foolproof method of detecting ovulation but I wasn't able to take the ovulation tests I had and the one I did take earlier in my fertile window was negative. Could this mean that I ovulated later than predicted if I did at all and even though it says the test can detect 6 days earlier than your missed period could it still be a bit early? I just don't want to drive myself insane for another few days as I can't rely on my period being on time to give me a definite answer

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