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Secondary infertility, how long do you wait before you get help?

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SeahorseWilderness Mon 06-May-19 21:09:20

We have one DD who is 5 years old, and have been trying for almost a year. I have a short luteal phase that varies from 9-11 days but is usually 11 days. I've tried Vitex Agnus Cactus and Evening primrose oil so far which have made no difference to me. I went for a private check-up, the private clinic has said that they can do cycle monitoring along with HCG injections to increase my luteal phase. I'm nervous to do this as have read HCG injections can cause ovarian hyperstimulation, but on the other hand I'm also fed up of doing nothing.

I want to get my fallopian tubes investigated as it is the last thing left on the list for the NHS investigations and is also essential before the HCG injections as if the fallopian tubes are blocked hormonal treatment will have little effect...I've been offered an HSG but I'm nervous about X-rays and radiation on my eggs, ovaries etc. Has anyone had a Hycosy on the NHS? I don't know why they do Hycosy sometimes and HSG others? From what I've read they both use a dye to investigate the uterus and tubes, just one is through X-ray and the other ultrasound?

We have monitored ovulation for the whole 10 months, I'm pretty certain we have had sex on our fertile days every cycle..I can't believe there isn't something wrong at this point. That, along with my short luteal phase, spotting after sex and extremely painful periods....I previously had a colposcopy that ruled out cervical cancer and they believe the after sex spotting is caused by an ectropion...part of me thinks shall I just go get the Hycosy done privately then do the HCG injections? I hate having to go through the endless disappointment, on the other hand I'm scared to start treatment and worry about the side effects of injections..

Any similar experiences or advice would be welcome x

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