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Keeping TTC fun...

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TheOnlyMrsA Sun 05-May-19 23:51:21

I know people say making babies is lots of fun, however i know kids really easy for this to become more of a chore than anything else?

This is our first week getting back on the TTC train after a MC. So obviously we're both abit anxious - what did you guys do to keep 'trying' enjoyable and not just a quick 'on off' kinda job, as if this takes a few months I don't want to get disheartened and start making my Husband feel like a sperm bank 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

wannabebump Mon 06-May-19 07:16:50

We don't just do a baby dance during fertile week 😁 keeping it fun has absolutely been the way to go for us!

Kinsters Mon 06-May-19 07:23:40

Yeah, just keep doing it as you always do but with the added excitement of maybe making a baby!

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