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Sudden 40+ day cycles - help!

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lewk Sun 05-May-19 21:50:50

Came off the pill in October in readiness to start TTC this month. Been tracking my cycle and have had 29-34 day cycles, except my previous cycle was 40 days and my current one is 42 and counting, no sign of AF. No change in my circumstances or weight etc and I'm late twenties.

I haven't been doing OPK or temping (wish I had now!) cause everything seemed regular when I came off the pill. Feeling really sad that just as we're able to start trying my cycle goes messed up!

Anyone had similar or have any advice? As soon as I get my period this cycle I'm gonna start doing temping and OPKs for first cycle TTC. Really worried I may not be ovulating due to the long cycles sad

RudyRoo Sun 05-May-19 22:39:16

Hi @lewk dont panic! This doesn't sound like a ridiculously long cycle to me. When I came off the pill my cycles were all over the place, took ages to get period and when I did my last four cycles were 50,37,32,45 days and the cycle after the 45 day one I got my BFP (only did text on Friday so still getting my head around it!)
It sounds like you may just be taking some to settle down, like you say it would be a good plan to do OPK's next month. Long cycles don't necessarily mean you're not ovulating.

RudyRoo Sun 05-May-19 22:42:55

Also it might be worth mentioning the month I conceived I started taking Agnis Castus. Not sure if it was a conincidence but we had been trying for 8 months. I really think it helped for me! Something you could maybe look into...

lewk Sun 05-May-19 22:53:03

Thank you for your reply, that's so reassuring to hear!! Maybe I am expecting too much from my body after being on the pill so long. I'll look up that supplement too thank you. Congratulations on your BFP, I hope all goes well and smoothly for you!

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