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Implantation bleeding v period? How to tell the difference please.

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Michellebops Sun 05-May-19 10:21:15

Background story- normal 28 day cycle, af was due Friday.

I believed I ovulated on or around day 12 following a positive opk, however on day 22 (last Saturday) after lots of ewcm I did another opk and it was blazing positive again therefore my body may not have ovulated the first time.

We dtd on day 20 and 24.

So no sign of af Friday or yesterday but still lots of ewcm (very stringy) and this morning I have blood mixed in with the cm.

It's not like my normal period at all (no symptoms at all) and the pad is clear, only getting blood when I wipe.

I've had 2 pregnancies (1 mmc) and never had implantation bleeding before but I appreciate my body has changed following the miscarriage.

For those who've had implantation bleeding is it obvious it's not a period or sound like above or am I being ridiculous? I can take it.

And thank you if you've managed to read all of this ❤️

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