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Ovulation tests

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Loopylou92 Fri 03-May-19 15:21:00

Hi all, Im new here looking for some advice 😊I had my copper coil out on Wednesday which should have been cd14 my periods are relatively regular but do vary. I thought I'd try an ovulation test today, also new to them 😳... I took one at 10and one just now both asda ones... Are these positives? 2nd one seems slightly darker but I thought I'd have missed my window this month. Any advice would be much appreciated ☺️ thank you xxx

ElektraLOL Fri 03-May-19 15:28:33

If you get a positive it means that your body is gearing up to ovulate in the next 24ish hours. So once you've ovulated the result would tend to return to negative.

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