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PaintingOwls Thu 02-May-19 21:53:50

AF was due today ... but hasn't yet shown up.

I am feeling cautiously hopeful. I've not had the usual PMS meltdown. I was so tired on Wednesday that I fell asleep right after dinner, but not had any other symptoms.

I have not yet POAS. I have been here too many times before and spent too much money on pregnancy tests.

We have been TTC since last summer and I am exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster that this has been.

I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to waste money by testing too early and getting my period a few hours later. I am secretly enjoying this little moment of hope.

LorelaiRoryEmily Thu 02-May-19 21:55:44

Fingers crossed for you op. We’re ttc since last June, I’m 3 days late, negative test yesterday, I ovulate late though so I’m hoping it’s wrong. Boobs are sore but nothing else happening... just hope

MrsEG Thu 02-May-19 21:57:52

Fingers crossed for you! I’ve been there myself. Give it a full day and then test. If you can hold out til saturday morning and AF has stayed well away then go for it and I’ll keep my fingers firmly crossed! I really do know how you feel - TTC since last summer, two MCs in between. From now on I won’t be testing until I am late either! Very best of luck to you x

PaintingOwls Thu 02-May-19 22:05:36


Oh best of luck to you!


I'm sorry to hear that flowers

I don't know how 'late' to leave it if I'm honest! I'm supposed to be going for work drinks tomorrow so I suppose that will force my hand if AF hasn't shown up by after lunch.

MrsEG Thu 02-May-19 22:13:47

In that case, test tomorrow! If you are already late you don’t need to worry about FMU so you could take it whenever you manage to pluck up the courage smile FX it’s good news for you!

blue55 Thu 02-May-19 22:59:47

Fingers crossed!

PaintingOwls Fri 03-May-19 12:33:06

BFN sad

But it was with pretty light pee.

LorelaiRoryEmily Fri 03-May-19 14:39:35

@Paintingowls I know how you feel. I’m 4 days late now and afraid to test again after my bfn on Wednesday, it’s so disappointing

PaintingOwls Sun 05-May-19 15:06:44

Still no sign of AF. No idea what to think now!

Littlefroggy18 Sun 05-May-19 16:29:28

What kind of test did you use @paintingowls
Could you maybe have ovulated a bit later than you think which is why you got BFN? Keeping everything crossed for you. Took me 18 months so conceive with DD so I know how you’re feeling. Hang in there!

PaintingOwls Sun 05-May-19 18:00:50

I used an frer, which is why I'm feeling demoralised, but also confused as AF is now 4 days late.

I'm sitting in a window in the pub watching endless couples parade up and down the street with prams...

PaintingOwls Mon 06-May-19 23:23:58

Ah balls. AF turned up and dashed my hopes.

MummyBearBoo Tue 07-May-19 17:53:08

I had that with a CP I did get 1 BFP day after AF missed but I always do two next one was neg and all subsequent ones neg then period started 3 days later. I think my levels were already dropping before I got BFP coz next day was neg - you could have been preg before AF but levels were dropping so not picked up on test it would account for late period?! Xx

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