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LOW AMH - does acupuncture work?

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BobbieGi Wed 01-May-19 23:25:40


This is my first ever message.

So, I have one bubba, well he’s not a tiny bubba anymore, he’s 3-years-Old.

After I had him, my period cycles never went back to normal, and after a whole series of exhausting investigations it turns out I have premature ovarian failure. My AMH is so low - 0.2.

I’ve been hearing a few rumours about acupuncture success stories, and wondered if anyone had any experiences. We’re not totally against donor egg conception, but would like to at least think about the other options. Would love to hear any stories, success or no success.

Thanks ❤️😘

Tolleshunt Wed 01-May-19 23:35:44

The two therapies that can be very successful for fertility issues are acupuncture and hypnotherapy. There are studies showing both can double conception rates. It would definitely be worth doing both together before going down the donor egg route.

We had fertility issues (though not related to low AMH), and I did both. Got pregnant with IUI after the second hypnotherapy session. Had been doing acupuncture for a few weeks at that point. Both are very relaxing, which in itself is very helpful if you are struggling with fertility, both as a means to help get through the stress of it all, but also because high/prolonged stress can negatively impact fertility.

Presumably you are also doing all the dietary/caffeine and alcohol restrictions?

Good luck!

PetraRabbit Thu 02-May-19 08:56:03

I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Just before I found out, I did a test that revealed an AMH of 1.6. Not as low as yours but still quite bad, I understand. I'm nearly 44. I also had an AFC (follicle count by scan) of 1- which is absolutely terrible!. Having said that, apparently follicle count is a better indicator than AMH- have you had that tested yet? I think on day 3 of the cycle is best. Accupuncture worked for far as I can guess. But of course you never know how much luck was involved.

UnaOfStormhold Thu 02-May-19 09:05:09

I don't think acupuncture can help with low ovarian reseves (which is what low AMH normally indicates.) If the eggs aren't there you're unable to make more. There may be scope to help the eggs still there ripen better - It starts with the egg has some recommendations that might help.

Tolleshunt Thu 02-May-19 09:27:25

There are cases where women get pregnant despite very low AMH. Getting the whole system into peak condition would maximise the chances of that. Jackie Brown has a case study in her book, which is called something like 'Is your mind fertility friendly?'.

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