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Is time on my side?

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loveheart27 Wed 01-May-19 19:48:07

Really not sure if I've posted in the right place, I'm 31 and worrying that I'm running out of time to have another baby! It took me 3 years to conceive my dd, what age do your eggs stop being good ( not the best way of saying it but can't think of another way ) xx

Hermie12 Wed 01-May-19 19:51:02

I don’t there are any hard and fast rules. I have T2 diabetes , PCOS and conceived our first daughter when I’d just turned 40

Dinosforall Wed 01-May-19 19:56:39

31 is nowhere near the danger zone in itself but that's a bit of a red herring here; taking so long the first time suggests an underlying issue which is unfortunately unlikely to improve with age.

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