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2ww thread May

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eggy22 Wed 01-May-19 15:31:44

Hi Everyone

(Don't know if I'm doing this properly had a look around and couldn't find an active thread for this)

I am 6/7dpo and am finding it veeeery hard this time. Its been about 3 months since my mmc at 10 weeks.

It took 4 months coming off of birth control to conceive the first time round and I am on cycle 3 of trying now. I know this isn't long to try but am struggling so would love to have a thread of all you other ladies going through this nasty waiting period.

God the days drag!! (I have also tested for the past two days which is literally just wasting my money but I can't stop, haha. I have tried to swear off doing any more tests until next Wednesday.)

I don't have any real "symptoms" as of yet other than what I think was Ov pain mid cycle. Argh!

Claire78564 Wed 01-May-19 20:50:42

Hi @eggy22, I cannot believe how similar your story is to mine! Comforting in a way but sad it ended the way it did for us. Like you, this is my 3rd cycle since my mc of TTC. I conceived with my first pregnancy in January and sadly lost the baby at 5-6 weeks. I conceived on my third attempt so I’m hoping it will be the same this time round. The waiting is so hard. I spend the first two weeks full of hope and the second two weeks feeling down that I’m trying to catch up what I lost. The doc told me not to bother with OPKs and try to ‘have fun’ but honestly it’s easier said than done. I still use the OPKs because it gives me comfort to now ovulation is occurring. We have been trying the smep routine (every other day then 3 consecutive days at point of positive opk). Last month I was silly and tested at 7dpo which was obv negative. The way I see it now is you won’t get symptoms of pregnancy until implantation as that’s when your body is truly pregnant so try not to think much about the twinges you are feeling. I really hope this is your month! I’m nervous about mc again but I’m hopeful all will be well. I’ve been taking folic acid and vitamin d. I started drinking pomegranate juice as apparently it’s good for the lining and same with vitamin e. All the best to you xx

Kiskacsa Wed 01-May-19 21:29:19

Hello! Think I’m 1-2 days dpo, after a 40 day wait post mmc at 7 weeks in my first cycle trying. Worried that being awake from my dh for s week means I’ve missed it but hoping I’ve managed to dtd in the day of/day before... 🤞

limesoda Thu 02-May-19 09:06:34

raises hand

We are on cycle 3 but I’m diabetic and spent six months with the special pre-conception team to make sugar my sugars were in target (i wasn’t exactly off the rails, but if you want a baby you are supposed to get them down even further). It has been such a monumental effort for me (and will continue to be until I actually birth a child) that I wasn’t really prepared for it to not happen straight away (even though I know it’s perfectly normal etc. etc.)

I think I’m 2DPO and I’m just so sick of thinking about it so much. I’m not sure we caught the window properly, even though sex every other day should be enough. I was considering DTD last night and I just didn’t have the heart to tell DH because I don’t know, I’m just so sick of thinking about it all.

This thread at least makes me realise I’m not alone, so thanks for the space to whinge.

Two weeks. We can do it.

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