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Positive or invalid

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Hayleyxmx Wed 01-May-19 13:11:50

Would love an opinion on this test I don’t know if I can see a line or whether it’s an invalid test

Chefwifelife Wed 01-May-19 13:20:34

Oh it’s quite odd isn’t it. Test again?

TheLoneWolfDies Wed 01-May-19 13:22:14

How far along would you be if you were pregnant? To me it looks like a very early positive I can definatly see a line. If it were invalid the first line wouldnt appear

Hayleyxmx Wed 01-May-19 13:33:49

would be 5-6 weeks I think is that still classed as early?

I think back to the shops get a different test

TheLoneWolfDies Wed 01-May-19 15:54:25

I think definatly try another test, maybe take it in the morning so its more accurate. I had more of a strong line when i took a test at 6 weeks but I used a different type of test and every woman is different. It does look like it might be positive to me though, good luck!

rosydreams Wed 01-May-19 16:00:58

first pee or the morning good time to try ,try two different tests for comparison

Comps83 Wed 01-May-19 17:18:05

I’m also 5-6 weeks but my tests lines are as strong if not sometime stronger than the control line on those tests

Hayleyxmx Wed 01-May-19 19:43:53

Thanks everyone i took another test definitely negative I had a baby in October so I think AF is still all over the place x

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