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Blades97 Mon 29-Apr-19 20:49:46

Can anyone help me out? I’m really confused. I was due my period 18th April but it never showed.. I started spotting 2 days later and had a small bleed for 2 days( I usually have 6 days periods) then gone, I was convinced I was pregnant before the 2 days of bleeding I’ve just felt pregnant, I feel sick, got heartburn, constant headaches and back pain. I had periods when I was pregnant on my first for 3 months.. but I done a test and it’s come back negative.. could it be wrong or have I just had a strange period?? I still feel pregnant, I feel like I’m going mad haha

stucknoue Mon 29-Apr-19 20:51:10

It's possible but I would wait a week and retest if still having symptoms

butterflykiss00 Mon 29-Apr-19 20:52:13

I would of thought it would of been positive by now, but sometimes nothing happens how it should! So maybe test again in A few day. Also sometimes pms symptoms are the same As early pregnancy ones xx

Blades97 Mon 29-Apr-19 20:56:57

I was thinking the same, I was sure it would be positive but nope, it’s just how strange my period was.. I never have spotting and the light bleeding for 2 days I’m usually heavy for nearly a week every month! (Sorry tmi) I think I’m just thinking too much into it xx

butterflykiss00 Mon 29-Apr-19 21:01:31

Yea but if it's unusual for you it might all be a good sign!!

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