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Unusual 'period' after miscarriage

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Miltonj Mon 29-Apr-19 16:38:26

Hi, never posted before but thought i would give it a go! Don't know whether i'm posting in the right place so please forgive if not!

On March 1st i started to miscarry (I was around 8 weeks PG) and finished bleeding on March 10th and my hormone levels went back to normal around that time. We started to try again on Sunday 31st of March. I don't have a regular cycle anyway (as in i don't know when to expect it, but it's always the same in terms of length, heaviness, pain etc), but when i wiped yesterday morning there was blood (not loads), just assumed i had come on my period. Was a bit confused as usually have warning cramps for a few days before so was not expecting AF at all.
However since then, i have not had anymore blood whatsoever, no cramps have come on either... only maybe a slight amount a tinged brown CM when i wipe but nothing significant. I know Periods are meant to be a little eschew after a MC and can take a while to settle down, but i think this is a bit strange.
Any ideas, suggestions or advice?

Thanks! smile

Squiff70 Mon 29-Apr-19 16:59:04

I'm sorry for your loss! I'm wondering if the bleeding you're experiencing could be implantation bleeding.

MrsEG Mon 29-Apr-19 17:16:17

So sorry for your loss. I have had 2 MC and my periods afterwards were very odd, and not particularly heavy either. It’s very frustrating I know! If you are concerned you could be pregnant again I would just take a test, provided you confirmed all the HCG hormone was gone following your MC. If it’s positive then huge congrats, and if not this could still be your body settling back to normal. It took me two periods before my normal cycle came back. Best of luck to you!

Miltonj Mon 29-Apr-19 17:19:21

Hi Squiff, thank you for your reply!

I did consider that as have had swollen boobs very similar to when i was pregnant (not sore this time though), so did take a test but looked pretty negative so don't think so! x

Miltonj Mon 29-Apr-19 17:33:36

Thanks MrsEG. Sorry for your losses too - it's horrible. It's good to know that it's normal for period to be weird, i just think one singular bleed is a bit odd! If i am pregnant hopefully i find out soon, but would have thought it would show up on a test by now if i have had swollen boobs! x

butterflykiss00 Mon 29-Apr-19 20:58:56

It takes a while to be positive if it was implantation , test again in a week

sophied1983 Fri 03-May-19 10:56:26

I have had one period since miscarriage and think my second one started yesterday - but totally different to my usual periods. They're light, seem to start and stop multiple times and don't last very long.

Feel like the impact of miscarriages carries on for way longer than I anticipated?!

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