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Evaporation line (maybe idk) straight away?

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NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 12:03:37

Ok So I used the first response 6 days early PG test, brand new and everything seemed fine. I'm around 6-7 DPO and yes I know that's early, but my coil had fallen before I had unprotected sex during my fertile period (I didn't know until after) and I'm anxious to know whether I'm safe or not. Plus, I could have ovulated early for all I know.

Anyway, I took the pregnancy test and not with my morning pee and I was expecting it to be negative, but straight away (and I mean as the pink ink starts to spread) a second VERY VERY faint line appeared. I could see it and it looked like a very faint shadow. No water got on the test, just my urine, so I'm not sure if I took it wrong. After around a minute, the test dried and the second line became almost none existant. When I took the test apart (to see if my eyes were fooling me) it was only a white line.

Now I understand that it's very very early, honestly, I wasn't expecting to see anything. But I've been having awful backaches, white discharge, tender breasts and bloating that I'm concerned I may actually be pregnant. And I know that an evaporation line normally comes up if you take the test wrong or look at it too late and you're either not pregnant or too early. Well, what about a line that comes up straight away?

I plan to test within a few days to see but just thought I'd ask.

Does this look like a faint positive (because my eyes are showing me slight tinges of pink) or an evap line? AHHHH

NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 12:11:53

Also just to add, on the side of the test, you can see the pink ink where the second line is.

MrsEG Mon 29-Apr-19 12:21:21

As far as I know, taking the strip out invalidates the test. I would wait a day or two and take another with FMU, to be sure (as like you say, you are currently testing very early). Maybe try again on Weds morning?

NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 12:29:15

@MrsEG Well, the line showed up BEFORE I took it out, on the screen! Which is why I took the test apart because I was like "** am I seeing stuff or is it real?!?" I'm testing in a few days, just to be sure! Thanks

Kinsters Mon 29-Apr-19 12:35:36

Difficult to tell on this one - it could be a line or it could be an indent which FRERs are quite notorious for.

NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 12:49:51

@Kinsters would I feel the indent if I touched it? I know that's gross but I'm super curious now lol. Or rather anxious! On the screen (I'm not sure why I didn't take a photo of it *sighs) it looked like a second line, it wasn't white in colour.

It's a bit worrying to hear that FRERs often have indents as those are the ones I ordered! haha

FutureMrsD Mon 29-Apr-19 12:51:29

Same situation as you here 🤷‍♀️
Here is my test from Thursday, smashed it out the case as I was sure I could see something - however my line isn’t as bold. My periods are all over the place so have no idea when I ovulated but wasn’t very long after deed was done.
Have taken a couple since and I’m sure I saw line again on the FRER but CB was negative.
Best of luck x

NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 12:55:05

@FutureMrsD if it's any consolation I can definitely see the second line! Yours looks a bit fatter whereas mine is just thin. But then again, on the screen it showed up straight away and clearly!

We weren't trying so it'll definitely be a bit of a shock if I find myself pregnant!

Good luck to you! x

Kinsters Mon 29-Apr-19 12:57:22

I don't know if you'd be able to feel it lol. Can you put the strip back in the test and take a pic?

FRERs are good tests and super sensitive but just Google FRER indent and you'll see loads of posts about them. Normally the positive ones the line is a bit darker and thicker imo.

JamesBoredom Mon 29-Apr-19 13:02:42

Sorry that’s how FRERs work. You can always see the pink in the indent as it floods the test and it always looks like that when taken apart. But you’re testing very early so you’re not out.

NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 13:22:11

I've just been feeling like absolute poo the past week and I had cramps this morning and right now so I thought why not. I'll test in a day or two just to be sure

NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 13:23:01

@JamesBoredom This is actually my 5th time using FRERs (over several months because I do have anxiety lol) and this is the first time I've experienced something like this.

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Mon 29-Apr-19 13:25:57

It takes 2 days for hcg to be high enough to be detected from implantation day - if you're only 6-7dpo then you would have implanted at 4-5 days which isn't possible? Unless you ovulated earlier than you thought

Frer are invalid if you take them apart - some months I've seen the line by taking them apart some months I haven't - really depends on the batch x

NikolaPiccola Mon 29-Apr-19 13:40:04

I only took it apart because the line showed up on the screen straight away, but honestly, you're probably right! I'm going to take it as a negative and just wait and see.

JamesBoredom Mon 29-Apr-19 13:46:08

Okay. Just speaking from personal experience. I got through so many and this did always happen but, as I say, good luck. Implantation is unlikely to happen before day 6 then it takes approximately 48 hours for any hcg to be detected.

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