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Am I pregnant?

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leelee94 Mon 29-Apr-19 11:10:36

Hi all firstly my cycle length varies (will attach photo if possible) I had sex on the 5th, 6th, 10th &11th (April) period was due the 8th didn't come on until the 12th was like a normal period but a lot lighter then usual finished on the 18th had sex on the 19th & 20th had some brown ish stuff on the 20th like spotting and the 21st had this white thickish looking discharge Which is never had before no smell or anything and that's happened a few times over the last few days, been feeling really drained and tired been sick a few times feeling nauseous all the time gone off food heightened smells period like cramps and stomach keeps going hard got really bad heartburn/acid. Also got cheap tests from boyes 2 said positive (really faint second lines but showed up straight away) 2 negative took a cheap digital one said negative so I don't know could I be? Not due on period for 11 days yet but it's confusing me with the mixed results

MrsRLM Mon 29-Apr-19 11:31:56

If your period was due on the 8th then the sex from 5th -11th wouldn't get you pregnant. Likewise, if you had just finished your period on the 18th then the 19th/20th sex wouldn't get you pregnant either.

It's impossible to tell without knowing your OV date and cycle length. However, the dates you've given don't really add up to a pregnancy.

The nausea/tiredness you're describing could maybe be due to ovulation as this would probably be around your ovulation time depending on your cycle length.

Best bet would be to wait until your next missed period.

leelee94 Tue 30-Apr-19 23:32:57

Update just done sure sign digital pregnancy test and it's come back with a yes+

QueenBeex Tue 30-Apr-19 23:37:08

That's 3 positive tests then, go to the doctors and ask them, explain the confusion.

leelee94 Tue 30-Apr-19 23:52:23

I'm booked in on the the but gonna go in tomorrow see if I can request a blood test to make sure

leelee94 Tue 30-Apr-19 23:52:49


leelee94 Thu 02-May-19 16:45:43

Done a stick test came back negative done another 2 sure sign digital and both came back with yes+ went to the doctor's today and did a stick test and it was negative so got a blood test on the 14th and just a waiting game to see if my period comes or not, she said i could be pregnant but really early and that's why the tests are up and down but said blood test can be the same

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