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OPKs and timing/doing the deed?

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Starfish83 Mon 29-Apr-19 10:24:14

Hi all!

Am TTC, but am trying to have a relatively relaxed month with tracking until signs of ovulation appear.

Had EWCM on Saturday and DTD on Saturday night, and had more EWCM yesterday and a line on OPK that was pretty much as dark as the test line, so DTD again last night. Have just done an OPK and there's almost no line now - should I DTD again tonight? Or would I still be in with a chance if we did it tomorrow night (to give hubby a break!)?

Thank you!

Starfish83 Mon 29-Apr-19 11:00:30

Gentle bump. 😊

Glitterandunicorns Mon 29-Apr-19 11:02:52

Hi @Starfish83. If you have no line this morning, then I would think tomorrow night would be too late. Personally, I'd have sex today and not bother tomorrow, but I know it can get a bit much if you're TTC and sometimes you just want a night off! Good luck!

MrsEG Mon 29-Apr-19 11:03:43

Agree with above, try to have sex the day of and the day after for your best chances. Good luck!

Starfish83 Mon 29-Apr-19 11:28:52

Thanks Glitter and MrsEG - will go for it if DH is keen tonight!

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