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Best OPK brands

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Tryingforkittens Mon 29-Apr-19 07:04:13

Hi All,

Please can I ask which OPK brands you use and which you think are best? I'm after the strips not clear blue digital. Every time I look on Amazon seem to find different ones. My fave so far are femometer but they only seem to be in packs of 20 at the moment. I've also tried one step but I don't think the lines are as clear to read. I've just added easy at home to my basket, but want to check opinions.

My ovulations are irregular so I really rely on the opks to find my fertile window.

Many thanks.

tisonlymeagain Mon 29-Apr-19 08:54:29

I have been using the One Step from Amazon. I used them at the same time as the ClearBlue digital and they were pretty accurate. I got my near-positive on the One Step the night before I got a static smiley on the ClearBlue.

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