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Place your bets - bfp or bfn tomorrow

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Sizeofalentil Tue 30-Apr-19 12:34:50

It was a BFN. But there's still a chance - am not out of the running until AF sings! Feeling massively periody and boobs killing me. So will either come on soon or get a bfp.

Sizeofalentil Mon 29-Apr-19 15:25:41

Stupid ICS haven't arrived!

To put in context, last bfp I got two years ago with DD, I ovulated March 30 and didn't get a bfp until April 20.

Would mean two dc with Christmas birthdays if I am grinconfused

beaveringaways Mon 29-Apr-19 08:42:18

Did you test OP?

butterflykiss00 Mon 29-Apr-19 07:48:24

I think it'll be positive

Sizeofalentil Sun 28-Apr-19 21:08:14

I'm still breastfeeding my toddler and my periods haven't returned yet, so not TTC as not too much I can do until AF arrives.

However, I have always had quite bad ovulation pains and symptoms so easy to track when I've ovulated. I also get very intense implementation pains (have had several pregnancies, but only one DC as most ended in MC).

Pregnancy tests have never really worked to the correct timeline for me either - I don't tend to get a bfp until AF is quite late. I was 10 days late before I got a squinted with DD.

Anyway, pretty sure I ovulated on April 1. Had symptoms and a positive opk. Had intense implementation-like pain on April 9th. Had a negative Frer April 20.

Forgot all about it, but this week I've been getting a rash whenever I drink alcohol - which was one of my earliest pregnancy symptoms each time. I've also had period cramps since April 21.

Got some ICs coming tomorrow. Just for fun... What do people reckon?

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