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Am I going mental?! Line eyes 👀

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Elbie2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:08:51

Hi all,
I posted yesterday about testing times. I’d done a test yesterday morning thinking I was 10 DPO then realised you get your LH surge around 24-36 hours before so I was probably more like 9DPO. Looking at the pic I took last night, I started to see the most faint line (had to get DH to check who pointed to the same place but also said I was imagining it). I’ve done another FRER test this morning. Please could you have a look and tell me what you think? I think I now am 10DPO.

Pinkprincess1978 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:10:31

The bottom picture there might be the faintest of lines possibly but it's very hard to see.

GlitteryPoopooplop Sun 28-Apr-19 09:11:57

Definitely see one on the bottom test!

Comps83 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:12:56

Which ones which?
Bottom one deffo has a line

Elbie2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:14:22

Thanks @pinkprincess1978 and @glitterypoopooplop I went back to put it in the bin 10 mins later (which I know makes it invalid technically) and it was like this

Elbie2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:16:52

@comps83 sorry, the bottom one is this morning x

Comps83 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:17:19

I’d say congratulations are in order
Do another in the morning and I bet you get a good line

ItWentInMyEye Sun 28-Apr-19 09:20:14

I see a second line on the bottom one smile

Elbie2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:47:35

Thank you @comps83 and @itwentinmyeye - I will do another tomorrow morning and maybe do a digital one in a few days time! Xx

WheelyCote Sun 28-Apr-19 09:56:42

I can see a feint line

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