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Am I pregnant?

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Cala2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 08:48:17


First time posting, going a bit crazy so im hoping I can get some info here! My period is due but it hasn’t arrived. I usually get spotting the last few days of my cycle before my period and this month I haven’t had any spotting. I’ve done a pregnancy test which came out negative.... also have a pinching pain from my ovary the last few days... could I be pregnant but there’s just not enough Hcg for the pregnancy test to pick up yet? I’m on day 1 but no period. I’m vey regular usually.

emmyloucuddles Sun 28-Apr-19 08:57:16

Well yes you could be but the only way to know is to wait a couple more days and test again!

Eshaar Wed 01-May-19 08:00:05

Hi.. i have PCO and i have been trying for baby for long time and my periods are not regular. I took a pregnancy test and i got 2 lines. Then i took a bllod test but the HCG count is as 3.17.

Am i still be pregnant? I am so worried.

LifeOfRiley63 Wed 01-May-19 09:32:07

@Cala2019 The best thing you can do, is do another test in the morning with your first wee of the day. If you can get hold of a First Response test they are usually pretty accurate.

@Eshaar Did the Doctor who ordered your HCG blood test not go through your results with you? x

Cala2019 Wed 01-May-19 17:18:59

Hi LifeOfRiley63,

I’m now 4 days late and tests I’ve used say negative. Have some spotting and cramping last few days but no AF. Read that this can be implantation bleeding.... Thanks for the advice, I bought first response but have been sticking to the cheap sticks so far. I read the hormone levels sometimes don’t get high enough until 7 days after missed period. Not getting my hopes up anyway

Cala2019 Wed 01-May-19 17:45:07

Hi Eshaar,

Sorry I don’t know anything about hcg blood tests. I only have the home pregnancy tests. Fingers crossed for you!

LifeOfRiley63 Wed 01-May-19 17:48:06

@Cala2019 That is true. I'm 10 days late and all negative tests still. My Dr sent me for an hcg blood test today so fingers crossed I'll get a definitive answer soon!

LorelaiRoryEmily Wed 01-May-19 17:48:23

@Cala2019 i know how you feel. I’m 2 days, boobs a bit sore, nothing else happening. Did a clear blu digital at 2 this afternoon. Not pregnant. I dont know what to think

Claire78564 Wed 01-May-19 20:43:42

Hello, I read your post and wanted to see if I could offer some help. I sadly miscarried after three months of TTC at 5 weeks. They confirmed it at the hospital by doing blood tests every 2 days. My hcg was initially 191 and dropped to 163. I know this didn’t end well for me but what I am trying to say is the docs told me it doesn’t matter what your Hcg is to start off with on this first blood test, as long as it is rising every couple of days then should be well. Are you due to go back for another blood test? They use the test as a base line to measure on other tests fingers crossed for you x

Cala2019 Wed 01-May-19 21:16:14

@LifeOfRiley63 best of luck! Hope you get good news soon!!

@LorelaiRoryEmily I think the hcg hormone takes time to build, I’ve read that some woman confuse implantation bleeding with their period because implantation sometimes doesn’t happen until around the time your period would be due, and I also read that you can’t get a hcg reading on the pregnancy test until implantation has happened... I might be wrong though! I’ve been getting slightly obsessed with this the last few days... best of luck!

LorelaiRoryEmily Wed 01-May-19 21:50:09

@Cala2019 oh hopefully that’s what’s going on for both of us. We’re ttc since last June. It’s hard not to be obsessed isn’t it. Best of luck to you too

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