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Help Please! Faulty test??

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LadyLass Sat 27-Apr-19 00:04:18

Hi, I took a early detection Clearblue Pregnancy Test this morning (even though I was due two days ago...all the shops had!) and rather than a clear line in the first box I got a faint curved (kinda?) line... At first I thought it may have been just a urine draw line or something but it didn’t go away and now I’m not sure if it’s Positive or Negative! Can someone help please? Is the test faulty? Or has this happened to anyone before who got a more definitive answer??

FaithEloise Sat 27-Apr-19 06:20:36

Can you attach a picture?

TildaTurnip Sat 27-Apr-19 06:23:12

Not seen a curved line before but I would get a digital one that says pregnant or not pregnant.

LadyLass Sat 27-Apr-19 07:13:28

How do I attach an a pic?? New to the site haha

Comps83 Sat 27-Apr-19 07:16:56

You can’t if you haven’t been a member for more than 48hrs
Are you able to get to a shop this morning and get a First Response Early Result test?

cookielove Sat 27-Apr-19 12:32:48

Post it to a different site and then post a link!

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