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TTC after MC - praying for 2020 baby

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EC418 Fri 26-Apr-19 22:10:36

Hi ladies, i am new to this app and was introduced by a friend as she has found it very helpful. My heart breaks for each and every one of you 💕

I found out i was pregnant with my first in January after our first month of trying. Then on 6th March (at exactly 11weeks) that i was losing my baby....2 days before my husbands 30th birthday party. I scraped myself together and endured what was one of the most emotionally painful nights of my life. How i did it, i do not know but I did not want to look back at his 30th and let my mc ruin it too.

On 12th March the bleeding began and i had to be brought to a&e due to the amount of blood loss as i was filling a pad every 10 minutes. I had a horrific time after this physically for around a week. The hospital advised to let my body miscarriage naturally. Back to be scanned another week later and i was all clear.

We waited to get a negative pregnancy test and my AF. This week is my fertile week and we have been dtd however im trying not to put too much pressure on it. If its meant to be it will happen. But cant help wait for the TTW to be over so i can test 🙈🤣

I wish everyone on here the best of luck in their journeys and hope we can all support each other 😘🌈 xxx

AliceRR Fri 26-Apr-19 22:48:44


I just wanted to say sorry for your loss

I had a stillbirth in February - baby girl died the day before she was due.

Nothing will replace my baby girl but I would really love to be able to have more (living) children.

We are TTC for the first time this month (has not even dtd since having my baby in til a few days ago). I feel a bit like you in that I’m trying not to put pressure on things and hopefully it will happen when the time is right. I don’t plan to dtd constantly either, hopefully 2-3 times in when I think my fertile window is.

I am on CD 13 so think I’m a few days from ovulation but possibly coming into my fertile period now

I wish you the best of luck xx

EC418 Fri 26-Apr-19 23:20:45

@AliceRR omg my heart 💔 i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that your journey is a success and you can hold ur baby safely in your arms at the end. I cant even imagine 😔

It took us a while as well to dtd again but only you two will have known when the time is right. Yeah we have done it 3 times during fertile window (he is now on a stag doo in Madrid until Sunday) so its just playing the waiting game now.

Hugs and kisses xxx

AliceRR Fri 26-Apr-19 23:30:05

Thank you.

For me a big part in us not dtd was just the physical aspect as I had carried the baby to term and given birth etc. Dtd after having a baby was a bit scary lol and also I didn’t want to go on the pill so thought that once we are dtd there is a chance I would get pregnant.

Hope you do not find the 2ww too difficult.

I kind of feel like I don’t expect to get pregnant this month so I am hoping the 2ww won’t be too stressful as I won’t assume I’m pregnant the first and if I am then it should be a bonus, if that makes sense, but the reality might be different!

With my baby girl I did have symptoms early on so maybe we will know if we are pregnant 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hugs and baby dust to you xx

Chanel05 Sat 27-Apr-19 16:46:32

Hello ladies I'm so very sorry to hear of your losses. I have had a mmc (found out at 8+5 that baby had stopped growing at 8+1 and I'm having an ERPC next Wednesday when I should have been 11+2). We will be ttc straight away.

EC418 Sat 27-Apr-19 16:52:02

@Chanel05 sorry to hear of your loss also and i hope all goes ok next week. Ask the doc regarding when is best to ttc again as i think they advise to wait a bit longer with ERPC. I mc naturally and they advised to get a negative & wait on my next af. It was hard because all i wanted was to be pregnant again but i wanted my body to be ready also.

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