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OPK questions

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Wishing56 Fri 26-Apr-19 12:54:31

If i am not successful this month then i plan on buying the internet cheapies. I watched a youtube video yesterday on an infertility channel which gave details on how to read them etc. But it said take them at 10am and 2pm.

Due to work i am out the house between 7am to 6.30pm, and not too comfortable about bringing a pee pot and sticks to work to test twice a day.

What do you all do when you are working? What time do you test?


crazychemist Fri 26-Apr-19 16:51:34

Hey there,

The important thing is that you don’t do them with FMU as your LH levels are always extremely low in the mornings so you might easily never get a positive result and not know when you are ovulating. Evening pee is fine! You levels are highest at the middle of the day, but it you restrict fluids so your wee is reasonably concentrated a reckon you’ll still get a dark enough line to know when your surge is.

Or if you’re really brave (I’m not!) you could take a tiny pot into work and do the sample at lunch time and then test it when you get home. You only need a really small amount of wee! I have to admit I wouldn’t be comfortable with doing it this way.

Wishing56 Fri 26-Apr-19 17:53:21

@crazychemist thank you for the reply. Thats really helpful as didnt realise not to use FMU. Not sure i would be brave enough to carry home my wee haha

AliceRR Fri 26-Apr-19 19:31:42

I’m no expert but agree evening should be fine, avoid FMU and avoid drinking a couple of hours before if you can.

If you do it when you get home that should be ok and try to do it the same time every day

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