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PCOS no period, but pregnancy symptoms

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Mumtoaboyandagirl Fri 26-Apr-19 07:17:06

I feel like I’m going mad!

I have PCOS (I don’t take any medication for it) and last had a period in February. We DTD last on April 6th (super low sex drive), two weeks later I get the most tender breasts, like they hurt just when my arm brushes past them! It’s now nearly another 2 weeks later again and it’s still the same.. I’m also super forgetful at the moment! I’m driving and go straight past the road I need, or forget completely where I’m going! Both of these were the first signs with last pregnancy, before smells started effecting me.

There is such a tiny chance that we managed to catch the exact day that I might have ovulated, as obviously with only 1 or 2 periods a year mean I can’t track anything.

I have done a £shop test and it was negative, but what’s the deal with these boobs!? I’ve never had sore breasts as a symptom of menstruation before..

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