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Ding3kids Thu 25-Apr-19 22:37:35

Hi I've already got 3 kids who are 2, 4 and 6. I'd been thinking of a 4th but OH was against idea, 2 and half weeks ago when the kids had a sleepover at Grandma's, we had a couple of drinks and DTD. I'm useless at knowing what date my period is due but it's been 2 and half weeks since then, a few maybe 4 or 5 days later had lots of discharge, I remember going crazy when I was actively trying with my kids that that probably was ovulation. I tested 7 days ago just because I was put on some medication and reading the info says not for pregnant, trying to concieve, can cause problems for unborn baby etc which freaked me out so tested and bfn so went on medication. (Kinda thought I'd get AF that night after spending money on pregnancy test!). But nothing. I feel fine, bloated but get that lots anyway, although not sure if I'm imagining my pee smells different (sorry tmi!).
I'm now so confused as I'll be sad if I'm not pregnant, but relieved due to the medication I've taken, but know we won't try again so baby 4 won't happen, but also thinking maybe that's for the best to stick with 3. I'm so confused. And my AF feels like a lifetime ago, I'm sure it wasn't the week before DTD as I don't like him near me too soon!!!
Sorry felt like I needed to let it out. Not sure if this is the right board as I remember the agony of trying month after month

crazychemist Fri 26-Apr-19 16:55:20

Feel free to rant. If I’m understanding you correctly, you DTD 2.5 weeks ago and had what you think may have been EWCM 2 weeks ago? So if you ovulated immediately after your EWCM and are pregnant now would be a good time to test as it would now be 2 weeks post ovulation.

I hope you are happy with whatever result you get. Good luck!

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