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Luckylola12 Thu 25-Apr-19 13:59:49

Anyone fancy joining me? Feeling good about this month!
Cycle #4
Cycle length 39-41 days
Af due 10th may
Ovulating should be today!
Using preseed
DTD thurs, sun, mon and weds.....
Fingers crossed!

Carysmatic Thu 04-Jul-19 07:16:41

Oh @Luckylola12 I'm so sorry, it will happen for you soon I'm sure. At least you're now able to track your ovulation so you can make sure you're DTD at the right time. How many cycles have you been trying for now? Xx

Luckylola12 Thu 04-Jul-19 07:22:42

@carysmatic that was my 5th cycle in 8 months, as my cycles are so long 😭 we pretty much dtd every other day and then twice in a row when i got my smiley so i dont understand 😭😭😭

Carysmatic Thu 04-Jul-19 07:46:17

@Luckylola12 fingers crossed for you this next cycle, it'll happen when it happens. I'm still very nervous about this positive test. I don't even want to call it a BFP that's how cautious I am. I had a chemical/early miscarriage about 5 years ago (wasn't TTC at the time) but I'm so nervous that I can get pg just not say pg. Can I show you a picture of my test, see what you think?

Luckylola12 Thu 04-Jul-19 07:49:28

@carysmatic of course you can! Go for it =) sorry theres me blabbering on, lets focus on some good news! smile x

Carysmatic Thu 04-Jul-19 07:52:31

Oh no @Luckylola12 blabber as much as you want, I was crying two days ago just because I though AF was coming. I know how stressful this journey can be and I'm so sorry that AF has arrived again for you. It's heartbreaking but I'm sure it'll happen for you soon.

Carysmatic Sat 06-Jul-19 17:07:05

@Luckylola12 I had a chemical, heavy bleeding and cramping now 😔 maybe we can do our tww again this cycle xx

Luckylola12 Sat 06-Jul-19 23:00:46

@carysmatic im so sorry =( i dont know what else to say =( all i can say is have some wine and chocolate! =) and lets relax this cycle, try not to obsess and speak soon? =) xx

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