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Luckylola12 Thu 25-Apr-19 13:59:49

Anyone fancy joining me? Feeling good about this month!
Cycle #4
Cycle length 39-41 days
Af due 10th may
Ovulating should be today!
Using preseed
DTD thurs, sun, mon and weds.....
Fingers crossed!

CarysC Sat 18-May-19 23:20:42

Sorry to hear AF has arrived @MrsC89 and sorry for your bfn @Luckylola12 must be so frustrating not knowing when AF is coming. Were you on the pill prior to TTC? Xx

Luckylola12 Sun 19-May-19 08:23:14

@carysc yes i was on the pill for 10 years. Stopped last september. Took 3 months for 1st af too arrive. 1st 2 cycles were 39 days, 3rd 41 and 4th well...still going lol! Maybe it takes a while for your body to get back to normal?

CarysC Sun 19-May-19 09:12:49

@Luckylola12 yeah I've heard some people's cycles really struggle to get started again after the pill. 10 years is a long time, I've been off and on again for about 10years but this most recent time I've been on it about 3 years. Fingers crossed for you that you get answers soon, it's such a long cycle for you 😔

CarysC Wed 22-May-19 17:05:45

@Luckylola12 how you getting on? Any sign of AF?

Luckylola12 Wed 22-May-19 21:29:45

Heyy @carsyc! Still no af! And still bfn! Last tested 4 days ago! Feeling more relaxed now tho, assuming im not pregnant so just continuing as normal =) hope you're having a good holiday!

Luckylola12 Sun 26-May-19 11:51:44

@mrsc89 @carysc af finally arrived today! Ive never been so happy haha! That cycle was 57 days long! Now i can finally start again! Hope you are both well =)

tisonlymeagain Sun 26-May-19 12:02:31

BFP this morning at 10dpo. It really hasn't started to sink in yet and I won't tell DP until later this week.

MrsC89 Sun 26-May-19 13:13:55

@Luckylola12 that's great news that af has finally arrived, I'm now on CD9. I'm trying to temp this cycle, only I'm getting no consistency so I really think my body just hates me monitoring in anyway!
@tisonlymeagain congratulations, amazing news!
@CarysC how are you getting on?

CarysC Sun 26-May-19 16:37:24

Hey @MrsC89 I'm doing alright, I'm cycle day 18 now and at the beginning of my TWW again, I think I ovulated on Friday 🤷🏼‍♀️ but like I said before I didn't take any ovulation sticks or bbt thermometer with me on holiday so who knows. I did do a OPK test Friday when I got home which was slightly positive-ish wasn't but the one I did yesterday was totally negative so I assume I ovulated thurs/Friday maybe. Me and DH DTD regularly on holiday so definitely in with a chance. @MrsC89 when's o day for you, roughly?

Hey @Luckylola12 great news that AF finally arrived! Long old cycle for you! Now you and DH can enjoy DTD 🤞🏻 for this month!

@tisonlymeagain congratulations on your BFP!

MrsC89 Sun 26-May-19 17:30:24

@CarysC I'm really not too sure when I day is going to be, so I'm going to be using opks, and hopefully I will see a LH surge this month. Going to start testing from 1st June, I have a drawer full, so I will just keep testing everyday until I see it!

Lilimum7 Sun 26-May-19 19:02:09

Is it alright if I join you ladies

TTC #3
Been ttc for 20 months and have had 7 mc, under investigation at the moment.

Currently 2dpo I think

Luckylola12 Sun 26-May-19 19:25:27

@itsonlymeagain congrats!!! Thats great news =)
@carysc i know im so relieved! Just hope this cycle sorts its self out! Its been 6 months since ive started afs after stopping the pill so hopefully my body should be sorted by now!
@mrsc89 im going to try temping aswell! Also just bought a load of cheapy opks so i can test one everyday! Are they best to test in the morning?

CarysC Sun 26-May-19 21:29:17

@Luckylola12 maybe af won't come next month at all because you'll get your BFP!

@MrsC89 are those the one step ones?

I used the one step OPKs last cycle and found the best time to test is morning but I think they say best time is meant to be afternoon. I tested 2-3 times a day around the days my app predicated ovulation. @Luckylola12 give them a go.

@Lilimum7 welcome,
I'm also 2dpo
TTC #1
Cycle 2
Cycle length 28-29 days
Af/BFP due 7th or 8th of June
On cycle day 18 today

MrsC89 Sun 26-May-19 21:34:23

@CarysC yes I have the one step ones.

@Lilimum7 welcome,
I'm cd9
TTC #1
Cycle 2
Last months cycle was 38 days my average is completely skewed.

Luckylola12 Mon 27-May-19 11:49:16

@mrsc89 @carysc @lilimum7
So second day of af today and its really heavy! Heavy as in i put a new pad on near enough every hour or 2! Is this normal?

Lilimum7 Mon 27-May-19 12:03:21

@Luckylola12 What you need to as is it normal for you. I get extra heavy periods when I don't ovulate. The cycles that I don't ovulate are normally abnormally long and when AF finally turns up it's really heavy

Lilimum7 Mon 27-May-19 12:08:52

As to opks I use clearblue fertility monitor with fmu and easy@home strips the rest of the day. I tried the cheap one step ones but they are rubbish half the time there's very little dye in them so you get mixed results making narrowing down ovulation very hard. I also temp but it's totally stressing me out. It keeps telling me either I have low progesterone or I didn't ovulate ( one of those months it said I didn't ovulate I got pregnant so it's not really reliable for me)

Luckylola12 Mon 27-May-19 13:32:19

@lilimum7 thankyou! Thats reassuring to know! Why arent i ovulating then? Should i go to the doctors 😭😭

Mooey89 Mon 27-May-19 13:58:34

Can I jump on this bus?
I’ve been hiding for a while because it was making me depressed, cycle 6 of TTC no 2

This month feels different.
I’m 7DPO - I’ve been having pos ov tests since 3DPO
I’ve felt nauseous and had a metallic taste
Creamy cM on 3DPO
Really bad left side cramp on Saturday, dull AF type pains yesterday.

Trying to hold off testing until Sunday. AF not due until 5th june

CarysC Mon 27-May-19 14:06:30

@Luckylola12 I'm not surprised it's a heavy one, it's been a long cycle for you, makes sense that it would be heavier. It may not mean that you've not ovulated, your body is just settling after being on the pill I'm sure.

@Lilimum7 try not to get yourself stressed out with temping, stress isn't going to help the situation, I know easier said than done

CarysC Mon 27-May-19 14:09:25

Hi @Mooey89 if course you're welcome to join

Im only on cycle 2 but already this month feels different. I'm only 3-4DPO so really early days. I've had a lot of cramping since ovulation I've also been incredibly emotional and teary, I normally get like this a few days before AF but never in the middle of my cycle. It's a bit odd really

Lilimum7 Mon 27-May-19 14:30:07

@CarysC I know it's what's probably causing my low progesterone or anovulation. It just so hard not to get stressed out by all this. I definitely think men have it easy in the passenger seat they just get to have lots of extra sex with out all the test, worry and stress

Lilimum7 Mon 27-May-19 14:33:17

@Luckylola12 most women have cycles where they don't ovulate or they do but really late. If your coming off the pill, or had the coil removed or (awfully) had a miscarriage it can take a few cycles for things to fall back into a regular routine.

CarysC Wed 29-May-19 11:11:13

Hey @Luckylola12 @MrsC89 how you ladies getting on?

I've been experiencing some cramps really low down in my abdomen and weirdly kind feels like cramps right down low into my vagina as well (sorry if tmi) also feeling a bit nauseous. I'm 5dpo or there abouts now and I dunno if that's too early to feel any implantation pains or nausea but definitely feels different from last month and very different from AF cramps.

Luckylola12 Wed 29-May-19 13:26:17

Hey @carysc that all sounds very promising! =) i dont think thats too early for implatation cramps! Fingers crossed for you =) just dont test yet haha!
Im on cd4 at the moment, waitibg for my opks to turn up. Going to try and be relaxed this cycle and just dtd as much as poss! I just need to stop googling! Dh is on antidepressants and now im scared thats effecting his fertility =(

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