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Late period with light cramping - could I be pregnant?

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GoldPaperStars Thu 25-Apr-19 10:35:04

Hi all.

My period is now a week late, but I have been known to randomly go up to 9 days over on a couple of occasions (cue me panicking about early menopause hmm). I took a test the day after I was due, but got a BFN.

I keep thinking that I’m about to start my period as I have lots of not even aches, but the kind of loosening not quite cramp feelings that I get just before my period starts. Because of these feelings I’m sure that I’m not pregnant, but I’m also aware that I’ve got nothing to compare it with as we’re TTC our first.

Could this be pregnancy symptoms? It sounds daft and I’m rolling my eyes at myself, but I don’t want to take a test until
I’m later than I have been before. I don’t want the disappointment!

crazychemist Fri 26-Apr-19 16:58:12

Sounds pretty ambiguous. Wait another week and then test? If you are pregnant then the result won’t change in that time. If you test now and it’s negative, you won’t be sure you didn’t just test too early and will have to test again if AF doesn’t show up. Pregnancy symptoms and AF symptoms can be annoyingly similar!

GoldPaperStars Fri 26-Apr-19 18:40:39

Thanks for the reply crazychemist. I actually ended up testing last night and getting a BFP! I’m a little in shock...

crazychemist Fri 26-Apr-19 20:21:53

Congratulations! flowers

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