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Positive or evap?

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LittleRose12 Wed 24-Apr-19 22:55:42

Does this look positive or evaperation to you? I think I can see pink in the line

Beanchopper Thu 25-Apr-19 00:01:29

@LittleRose12 it looks a little dry, was this taken in the timeframe?

LittleRose12 Thu 25-Apr-19 00:04:39

Well there's was the faintest line on the time frame but couldn't pick it up I've taken 4 tests all cane up with lines couldn't all be evap lines?
Another test from earlier

Mammaaofxx Thu 25-Apr-19 00:05:23

Positive!! X

Beanchopper Thu 25-Apr-19 00:52:07

@LittleRose12 hummmm I want to positive but to be honest it doesn't look very pink so thinking maybe evap, I would try again in a few days and hope it's darker for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Kinsters Thu 25-Apr-19 01:38:53

It looks a bit darker than the test you posted pics of on your other thread. But yeah, like a pp said, it looks a bit dry.

ooft Thu 25-Apr-19 02:06:19

Congratulations!!! Positive! X

Alicewond Thu 25-Apr-19 02:48:42

Nope sorry, these tests are meant to be clear for a reason, if you think they are negative and have to take multiple ones then they are, sorry 😥

Alicewond Thu 25-Apr-19 02:50:57

Non of these pics show a slight hope of pregnancy, sorry you have been disappointed 😥

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