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Determined to be pregnant TTC

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Lucylondon32 Wed 24-Apr-19 18:05:20

Hoping to conceive baby #3 (final one for us) by summer, no problems conceiving number 1 and 2 however struggling a bit this time round, thinking positively and tracking TOTM and fertile days through CM, been TTC for 12m now so any advice would be useful, any opinions on OPK's etc?
Thank you!
L x

crazychemist Wed 24-Apr-19 18:17:24

Amazon has cheap OPKs. You could use those for most of your cycle and when you think you have a positive (faint line) use a more expensive Clear Blue (or similar) to check? Do you temperature chart?

If you’re on number 3, I’m sure you know all about SMEP and all that with timing dtd, so I won’t bang on about that (it’s my current plan for how to get DC2)

Good luck with ttc

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