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anyone had this?

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OneLuckyMama Wed 24-Apr-19 16:37:59

Hello. Iv always had irregular periods but since having my first born almost 6 years ago iv had less than normal.. I was told before having my first that my chances of having kids would be slim but before going to get tests done I fell pregnant with my first, so I count myself lucky I have my little girl but me and my husband have decided to try again... its been 4 years now and still nothing... since early 2018 iv been having more regular periods (one every 3 months, sometimes ill have them monthly.. So this past cycle started on the 31st march but around the 17th I had alittle blood when I wiped along with yellow super stretchy CM and today again there was a tiny bit of blood with tons of this horrible yellow stretchy cm? im super confused on what this could be. im not sure when I ovulated but I had achy breasts around the 17th aswel so I was convinced that's when I ovulated.
Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you

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