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TTC after 2 miscarriages

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soph91 Tue 23-Apr-19 16:16:58

Hi everyone

I had my first miscarriage in December at just under 6 weeks ... When they scanned me after I started bleeding nothing could be seen on the scan and my cervix was closed. So I believe this is what they call a chemical pregnancy.

I have now just had a missed miscarriage we seen the babies heart beat a couple of times, but it stopped growing at 9 weeks 1 day. I had an MVA on Thursday as the baby had died 3 weeks earlier and nothing seemed to be moving naturally. I had a subchronic haematoma with this pregnancy and believe the baby had a chromosome abnormality as the lady doing the scan after my bleed at 9 weeks said the nuchal fold looked very thick, and the lady doing the scan when we found out it had died said she would have referred me given what she could see , and I suppose the SCH could have played a part as if stopped the day after I had a bleed from that.

I am trying (but sometimes struggling) to remain hopeful that I have just had a run of bad luck and they were for 2 different reasons. I have been referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic (as my trust sees you after 2) although the wait for tests etc is quite long.

I want to start trying straight away well when I physically feel ready and I am obviously petrified. I am hoping I get results though before I get pregnant again but don't want to wait , mainly because I am desperate for a baby and also because I have pre cancerous cells on my cervix and want a baby before I have any treatment.

I have read lots of positive things about baby aspirin and the team at the scan clinic told me it's worth a try. But I was wondering if anyone has had any success with it ? And if any one has any positive stories after 2 or more miscarriages X

Beaglemum93 Wed 24-Apr-19 08:27:30

I'm so sorry for your losses. I've had two miscarriages (MMC where baby died at 12+2 and a chemical pregnancy). Slightly different situation as my trust won't refer until you've had 3 recurrent miscarriages but I tried again straight away and I'm now 5 weeks pregnant again. Unfortunately I can't give you any hope as I'm way too early on but I didn't want to read and run. I hope you get your results soon and that the two losses were just really bad luck.

MrsSquiggler Wed 24-Apr-19 08:41:22

I've had two MMC. Both times they stopped developing around 6 weeks. Had the second tested and it was partial molar, so chromosome issue.

I read all the stats that your chances of having a successful pregnancy after two miscarriages were still really high, but all the same I struggled to believe it. However I'm currently 16 weeks with pregnancy number 3 and all looking good, fingers crossed. I didn't do anything different but I agree baby aspirin couldn't hurt.

It sounds like yours were each for different reasons so sounds more like random bad luck than an underlying cause.

I also read that just being under the care of the recurrent miscarriage clinic can improve your chances, even if they don't intervene - the placebo effect maybe?

Good luck flowers

soph91 Wed 24-Apr-19 15:05:57

Thank you both so much for responding and I wish you both all the luck in the world with your new pregnancies X
Yes I think being under the clinic might help even if I get pregnant before my results as they still care for you and scan you every 2 weeks etc. As you both say my hope is that I have just been unlucky ! X

Lozboz22 Wed 24-Apr-19 22:49:12

Just wanted to say @ soph91 that I'm very sorry for your losses and know exactly how you feel right now. I had my first mc in Jan at 7 weeks, and just had my second yesterday at 12 weeks but baby didn't make it past 9 weeks. Want to try again but scared to death that it will just happen again. I'm not sure I could put myself or my husband through the trauma of yesterday again. I hope you get some answers and all the very best to you in your ttc journey flowers

soph91 Thu 25-Apr-19 18:01:16

@Lozboz22 so sorry for your losses as well, it is so heartbreaking isn't it . We are going to start trying straight away but I am absolutely petrified, if I could I would get sedated for the first 3 months !! I'm not sure where you live but it might be worth asking your GP to refer you. I have been referred to a Tommy's clinic x

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