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Line eyes after miscarriage-am I imaging things

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AstroKate Tue 23-Apr-19 09:02:41

Hi all

I had an early miscarriage at 7 weeks just before Christmas.

Since then we've been TTC as you can imagine but I get proper anxiety around AF and been trying not to POAS every five minutes.

My cycle is usually 26-27 days.

Yesterday (fay 27) with no sign of AF I stupidly peed middle of the day on a Sainsbury's test. However, I got myself so worked up, I didn't look for 20ish minutes. So over the time they suggest

I thought I could see something but wasn't sure so I did something else I swore I'd never do and took it apart.

I think I see a line but is it null and void as passed the time limit? Also shouldn't it be clearer by now and not as faint?

I'm clutching I know!!!

AstroKate Tue 23-Apr-19 09:05:01

For the record, this was my last positive pre miscarriage at day 31 (so NOT current-one above it current test!!)

cookie1991 Tue 23-Apr-19 09:05:19

I see a line!

AstroKate Tue 23-Apr-19 09:07:24

Oh thanks @cookie1991 but is it void as I didn't look for so long!! I don't know whether it came up in the five minute window or not.

I know I should take a frer but am so terrified of it now being negative

kell2126 Tue 23-Apr-19 09:07:45

i see a line. not sure if it 'counts' at 20 mins after but am keeping fingers crossed for you. have you done another this morning?

Florencenotflo Tue 23-Apr-19 09:07:47

I see a line on the first one but I think Sainsbury's tests are well known for evap lines and rubbish results. I'd get another test (not Sainsbury's) and try again. Fingers crossed for you though x

Tinkoschminko Tue 23-Apr-19 09:08:44

Oh I do see it! Get a FRER OP, just to make sure.

AstroKate Tue 23-Apr-19 09:09:35

Thank you all. That's my fear. I do have a frer in the cupboard but I've already peed this morning.

I should leave it til tomorrow morning now shouldn't I?

Bloody wish I'd had the courage to look properly-and damn those Evap lines!!

Prequelle Tue 23-Apr-19 09:10:41

I would have to discount that because it's been 20 minutes, sorry!

Tinkoschminko Tue 23-Apr-19 09:11:55

Hmm. I think your FRER might work. I used to do them all day long.

Tinkoschminko Tue 23-Apr-19 09:13:20

Sorry just read about your anxiety. Probably best to wait (or will you be more anxious about this test until you test again?)

AstroKate Tue 23-Apr-19 09:31:33

Yes, thanks @Tinkoschminko .

I don't know what's worse-having it hanging over me all day or poas today knowing it could still be inconclusive (and think I'll have a good hour build up before I'm able to pee)

I'm going to try and forget about it, see if AF appears today (as I've now got niggling cramps but may be over thinking this!!). If it doesn't appear, I'll use a frer tomorrow morning

I've read more on Sainsbury's tests, none of which fill me with confidence so it could well just be an evap line...

Tinkoschminko Tue 23-Apr-19 09:36:06

Oh god I hope not! Good luck!!!

MrsEG Tue 23-Apr-19 09:55:02

Try a FRER - if your AF is due, you can take the test at any time of day and don’t need FMU, that’s just for testing early. I really hope it comes up + for you xx

Kinsters Tue 23-Apr-19 11:37:48

There's definitely a line there but I've heard the sainsburys tests are pretty bad for evaps. Use a pink dye one to confirm - it should definitely show up by now, no matter what time of day!

miracleon13th Tue 23-Apr-19 11:49:45

Sainsbury tests are pretty bad for Evaps plus looks like you've taken the test apart which invalidates it anyway as once the air gets to it it can make the lines much darker than they are supposed to be and look like a positive test x

HollyDollyLolly Tue 23-Apr-19 13:02:53

Fingers crossrd

Rememberallball Tue 23-Apr-19 13:22:18

You should discount any tests that are not read in their time window. Also, any tests taken out of their cassettes are deemed invalid and lines should be ignored as the chemicals in contact with air can cause lines to appear. I would either hold urine in and drink minimal amounts for 4 hours or wait till the morning and the test with the FRER.

AstroKate Tue 23-Apr-19 17:14:29

Thanks all for the responses

I'm going to hold fire until tomorrow and test if still no AF as is rather be a little more certain with the result

Will let you know and keeping 🤞

Napssavelives Wed 24-Apr-19 13:04:31

Any update

AstroKate Wed 24-Apr-19 14:02:29

Still no AF and all the same symptoms I was having November when I last had BFP

However, spoke to DH and we went through such an emotional rollercoaster last time, we don't want any uncertainty with squinty lines so we're going to wait until Friday and if still no AF, test in the hope that the result will be a little clearer....That'll be day 31 and I'll be 4-5 days late

AstroKate Thu 25-Apr-19 07:38:43

Just to update-I woke this morning feeling quite nauseous so used my FRER

I don't think there's now any ambiguity!

Now crippled with fear of repeat miscarriage but feeling hopeful 🤞

2018isanewyear Thu 25-Apr-19 07:50:27

@AstroKate congrats!!! Just came across this thread. I know how you must feel I had a mc in March 2018 and im now pregnant again however this time I have got to 15+4 and heard the heartbeat yesterday! It can all work out well in the end!

Good luck and try to enjoy

Tinkoschminko Thu 25-Apr-19 07:54:41

That’s great news! Lovely line!

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