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Transition from contraceptive pill to trying to fall pregnant.

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redstapler Mon 22-Apr-19 18:33:25

Stop the pill. Start folic acid. End of.
See GP if periods don't come back regularly.

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 18:31:19

I didn't have any side effects from coming off (after being on pill for 10+ years apart from some minor bad skin, but settled down after a few months. Obvs different for different people though

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 18:29:49

My only advice would be to come off it sooner than later if you are TTC! For many people getting back to 'normal' takes longer than expected, certainly in my case!

NLouise123 Mon 22-Apr-19 18:01:55

This is another worry of mine, taking the contraceptive was really for duel purposes. Originally to obtain a regular cycle and then as I became sexually active for a contraceptive purposes. Fast forwards 4 years, now I'm apprehensive about the transition.

MrsEG Mon 22-Apr-19 17:30:56

Just stop taking it! It can take a few weeks to get your withdrawal bleed, took about 8 weeks for me, but then your cycles should come back as normal. Good luck!

Squiff70 Mon 22-Apr-19 16:47:07

I stopped the combined pill and got pregnant with twins two weeks later. You may want to use condoms for one cycle until you have a normal period then start trying.

CrunchyCrumpet Mon 22-Apr-19 16:42:42

Seconded! I came off the pill and conceived on the following cycle, good luck smile

serii Mon 22-Apr-19 16:33:07

Just stop taking it. Unless you took it to alleviate anything such as acne or mood swings, it's not really a big deal.

NLouise123 Mon 22-Apr-19 16:22:28

As a couple we have decided to begin to try for a baby. I have been on the combined contraceptive pill for a little over 4 years. Does anyone have any tips or advise on how to make this transition.

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