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Internet Cheapies - is there a hidden BFP here?!

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ducksandacorns Sun 21-Apr-19 22:03:32

I know I'm over analysing but is there any hope that this dye run could be a BFP in disguise?!

stairway Sun 21-Apr-19 22:05:02

I think it’s a negative sorry

ducksandacorns Sun 21-Apr-19 22:24:42

Thanks @stairway I agree , I'm just annoyed that's it's a pink line - but in the wrong place!

cookielove Mon 22-Apr-19 18:12:57

I can see a smidge of a line!!


ducksandacorns Mon 22-Apr-19 22:19:13

Thank you @cookielove

Here is the one from today!

Joopy Mon 22-Apr-19 22:21:22


BarbarAnna Mon 22-Apr-19 22:25:13

That is a BFP! Congrats!

Yakadee Tue 23-Apr-19 04:51:24

I can see it! Congratulations x

FaithEloise Tue 23-Apr-19 08:28:02


ducksandacorns Tue 23-Apr-19 18:50:37

Thank you!

Clear Blue today showed positive too, although looks quite faint for 14dpo.

FaithEloise Tue 23-Apr-19 20:44:19

But its still a positive 😍 maybe you ovulated later than you thought?

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