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TTC over 6months

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bunhead34 Sun 21-Apr-19 16:51:09

I though it would be nice to have a group for those TTC for a long time, ie over 6months!

There used to be a yam-fam thread but I can't see it any more?!

Everyone on the busses seems to be on cycle 2 😭😭😭

bunhead34 Sun 21-Apr-19 16:53:41

Also my info
Ttc #1
Cycle 11
Age 34 (DH 30)
I've had scan and bloods - all fine, now trying B6 and agnus castus to lengthen my luteal phase.

RudyRoo Sun 21-Apr-19 17:28:29

Hello! 👋🏼
I'm also age 34 and TTC #1. Have been trying since I came off the pill around 8 months ago. Have been having extremely light periods so have a docs appt to get bloods on Tuesday. Fingers crossed all is fine there and it's just a matter of time!

RudyRoo Sun 21-Apr-19 17:29:59

Also started taking Agnus Castus this month to get my cycles shorter and more regular. Last was 48 days confused have heard good things so hope it works for us!

bunhead34 Sun 21-Apr-19 19:19:46

Fingers crossed on your bloods!

I started agnus castus last and did actually see a bit of an improvement, still no baby tho!
Hopefully will see even more of an improvement this month!
48 days is crazy long!

Syncope Sun 21-Apr-19 19:28:17

I'm 32, TTC#1 and have just started cycle 7. Started using OPKs and tempting last month to try to get a better idea of what's going on, as since we started TTC last year my cycles have varied between 32 and 47 days.

Having a thread for those of us over 6 months would be really lovely - I love reading the 'bus' threads etc and seeing people get their BFPs but it does get disheartening when so many people seem to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat and it's not yet happened for you! I know I shouldn't complain because so many people try for so much longer though.

Syncope Sun 21-Apr-19 19:28:57

*temping! Not tempting! grin

Dramaqueen14 Sun 21-Apr-19 21:10:49

Hi can I join? I’m 33 ttc number 1. I had a miscarriage in September at 11 weeks. On day 4 of my 8th cycle since and I’m getting so fed up. Have a cycle length of 27-28 days. Just ordered clear blue ovulation test kit.

What is Angus castus? X

bunhead34 Sun 21-Apr-19 21:42:18

@Syncope @Dramaqueen14 welcome!

@Dramaqueen14 so sorry about your miscarriage 💐
agnus castus is a herbal thing, I think it's from a plant! It's supposed to help regulate hormones and also help with pms symptoms 🤷🏼‍♀️ we will see!

@Syncope I feel the same about the busses, it's nice but makes me feel like I'm the only one it's not happening for!

Pearlg Sun 21-Apr-19 21:54:01

Hi please can I join! I'm 34, started TTC Oct 18 but had a miscarriage Jan 19 @ 9wks so now desperate for a BFP again. I've done OPKs for past 2 months & I'm now 8 DPO but feel so disheartened, for some reason I'm convinced this isn't my month again sad also there's positives, bumps & new babies everywhere!!

Dramaqueen14 Sun 21-Apr-19 22:14:57

Thanks, might look into the Angus castus. My af is just tailing off so I’m onto a fresh cycle. Want to do all I can this month. Might try pre seed too.

I get what you mean about the buses and hearing other people’s good news, can be so hard.

Pearl I’m sorry about your miscarriage too. It’s very difficult. X

dragonmummy17 Sun 21-Apr-19 22:17:17

Hi I'm 37 and ttc dc2. I've lost track of cycle numbers but I've been ttc for a year and had a mmc in December. I've given up with tracking with apps and using opks as it was affecting me mentally too much. I think I'm around 7dpo and i have a GP appointment mid May if we aren't successful this month

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 09:19:03

@dragonmummy17 I know what you mean about these things affecting you mentally. I tried doing temps this month but have given up as it was seriously stressing me out when my charts were all over the place! Major over-analysing going on confused

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 09:23:41

@bunhead34 let us know how you get on with AC. I have heard some brilliant stories on it helping people. I have taken it for the first half of my cycle this month (as you're supposed to stop when you ovulate, I'm sure you know that) and if my OPK's are accurate then my peak day was CD17 which is a vast improvement! (As long as I have actually ovulated!) I'm now 4DPO and so hopeful this will be my month 🤞🏼

Smileyface32 Mon 22-Apr-19 09:40:52

I’m 33 and ttc for 10 months now. How long do you wait before seeing the doctor? This month I started to take bud fertility tablets from Holland and Barrets but I think it has delayed my ovulation. It’s taking ages for my temp to rise. It does contain Maca so I think this might have something to do with it

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 11:04:49

@Smileyface32 I would probably book an appt at your GP now to get the ball rolling. They can give you some initial blood tests, I'm going for mine this week. Can't help with the tablets I'm afraid as I haven't tried those. Are you doing OPK's?

Smileyface32 Mon 22-Apr-19 12:50:57

@rudyroo how long have you been trying for? I usually use opks but didn’t this month because we went away during that period.
I just hope the doctor doesn’t say to keep trying for longer. Do you know at what point the doctor will start doing tests?

bunhead34 Mon 22-Apr-19 12:52:53

@RudyRoo yes I did only take up until ov last month! Just started it for this month at cd8 - oops! 🙄
It feels like such a hassle sometimes, taking all this stuff and peeing on sticks when other people fall immediately without even thinking about it!

@Smileyface32 I went to the dr when I'd been trying about 8month, but fibbed a little and added a couple of months on! I was sent straight for scan and bloods. I think it's a bit of a postcode lottery with what you get and if your dr is any good. I was lucky with mine, she said you're supposed to wait until ttc for 2 years where I am! But she thought that was too long so just sent me straight away.

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 13:06:46

@Smileyface32 I have been trying about 8 months, but also came off the pill at the time so I think a few months were out as my body was adjusting back (still is I think 🙄) I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and they were good asking me back for tests but like another poster said it can all depend on where you live and how good your GP is. I would push for it though as if all is fine it will give you peace of mind that nothing is out of sorts.

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 13:08:10

@bunhead34 tell me about it! Did you get peaks when you did them before at the time in your cycle you would expect?

RudyRoo Mon 22-Apr-19 13:13:26

@bunhead34 sorry I think I got that last bit mixed up with other poster. Have you been doing OPK's as well?

bunhead34 Mon 22-Apr-19 13:17:22

@RudyRoo yes I usually do opks as well!
Feeling very over it tho, I'll do them this month then maybe have a break if no luck.

I usually get a peak around the right time.

Think I'm still getting back to normal after the pill too really, stopped taking it June last year!

EL8888 Mon 22-Apr-19 13:18:08

TTC (trying to conceive) #1
Cycle 10
Age 39, my partner is 36
I've had scan and bloods NHS and private. NHS didn’t seem to know what they were doing. Private clinic founds no issues, gave us a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and told us to keep trying. Trying B6 to lengthen my luteal phase.

EL8888 Mon 22-Apr-19 13:19:10

Oh and l have given up the OPK’s, measuring my temperature and apps etc. Taking vitamins / supplements though

bunhead34 Mon 22-Apr-19 16:47:10

Welcome @EL8888

That's rubbish you had a bad nhs experience, mine was okay. Did your partner have tests too?
My hub is due to go to the dr but is dragging his heels a bit. I need him to go before we can be refereed to the fertility specialist.

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