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Anyone else suddenly started spotting?

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Beclaboo Sun 21-Apr-19 16:16:10

So I know no one can possibly tell me if im pregnant or not but I’m wondering if anyone else has just suddenly experienced spotting before their period?
AF is due on weds and today I have had light brown spotting. I’ve had crazy symptoms for the past week and a bit that I’ve never experienced before, in particular sore boobs, nausea and bloating that has now disappeared. I am putting these down to PMS symptoms in a bid to avoid symptom spotting (literally impossible) but the new spotting today is taking everything in me to not get my hopes up.

Mollie3 Sun 21-Apr-19 22:26:16

I did, it lasted a couple days then stopped, which was a shock as I thought it was just my period starting up! I found pms and pregnancy symptoms virtually identical. Looking back, sore bbs straight after conception was the only give away!

Beanchopper Sun 21-Apr-19 22:35:52

I am experiencing brown spotting now, been going on 3 days, thought it was my period early but it's only there when I wipe. I am roughly 8-9dpo.
I researched that implantation bleeding can be brown or light pink and can happen 6-12dpo, so who knows.
I won't believe anything till I see it on the test 🤞🏻

Beanchopper Mon 22-Apr-19 09:34:50

Have you tested @Beclaboo? 🤞🏻

Beclaboo Mon 22-Apr-19 10:16:04

@mollie3 yes I’ve never had sore boobs for PMS before personally and I’ve had them nearly a couple of weeks now but I won’t hold my breath!

@beanchopper oh sounds like we are in the same boat then! No I haven’t tested yet as I’m a bit concerned about chemical pregnancies. I might wait until the weekend if AF doesn’t appear but not sure I can wait that long! What about you?

Beanchopper Mon 22-Apr-19 10:25:20

@Beclaboo I was tempted to test today but then discovered I didn't have any in the house 😂 plus I am only 9-10dpo so not sure if that's too early to test.
You have amazing self restraint if you wait till the weekend 😁

Beclaboo Mon 22-Apr-19 11:11:55

@beanchopper more than likely but do keep me updated! Haha I know! I’m sure I will be testing first thing Thursday if AF doesn’t show up

Mummytoboyxx Mon 22-Apr-19 11:51:39

I had brown spotting about 5 days before AF was due, which I hadn’t had before. I’m now 35+4, so fingers crossed this is a good sign for you x

Beanchopper Mon 22-Apr-19 13:14:23

@Mummytoboyxx that's amazing congrats! How long after the spotting did you get your positive?

Mummytoboyxx Mon 22-Apr-19 13:30:54

@Beanchopper my sporting started on a Saturday and I had a faint BFP by the Wednesday. I thought things weren’t looking good when I started spotting as it hadn’t happened before, and I’d had an early MC a few months previously, so I even told my DH that we were out for that month. So was very shocked when I got my BFP! When are you due AF? Xx

Mummytoboyxx Mon 22-Apr-19 13:31:12


Beanchopper Mon 22-Apr-19 13:36:37

@Mummytoboyxx my af is due thurs, but I have irregular cycles so could be any day really. The spotting for my has now stopped. Lasted about 3-4days in total and was nothing more than when I wiped. I don't wanna build my hopes up until I see that second line, I am just desperate to see it now 😂

Mummytoboyxx Mon 22-Apr-19 13:48:16

@Beanchopper I’ll have everything crossed for you. Keep us posted x

Beclaboo Mon 22-Apr-19 13:51:24

@mummytoboyxx that’s good to hear congrats to you!!!

@beanchopper it’s so hard trying to not get ahead of yourself isn’t it? I don’t want to wish my life away but I wish this weekend would hurry up so I would know either way!

Beanchopper Mon 22-Apr-19 13:53:55

I did cave earlier and went out to get a test but as suspected it was negative, but I know it's early and the spotting has just stopped. @Beclaboo @Mummytoboyxx

Beclaboo Mon 22-Apr-19 14:28:14

@beanchopper I don’t blame you for being curious! Definitely try again at the end of the week if af doesn’t show (and fingers crossed she doesn’t!!)

Beanchopper Mon 22-Apr-19 14:30:29

@Beclaboo same to you hun, let me know how you get on 🤞🏻

Beclaboo Mon 22-Apr-19 15:00:22

@beanchopper will do, you too!! 🤞🏼

Beclaboo Tue 23-Apr-19 12:00:09

@beanchopper my spotting has stopped now too. My manager has just announced her pregnancy this morning which has made me all the more anxious to know! I am tempted to get a FRER but knowing my luck AF will show up the second I buy one

Beanchopper Tue 23-Apr-19 12:06:28

@Beclaboo maybe but one to do tomorrow morning? Good luck hunny, keep us updates 🤞🏻

I did a boots own brand sensitive this morning and I swear I see a faint line, my hubby won't believe it till it's blazing positive because we had a lot of false positives last cycle. (Can't upload pics as it says I have hit my max amount of uploads)

Tempted to get a frer for tomorrow myself

Fingers crossed for us both 🤞🏻

Beclaboo Tue 23-Apr-19 12:12:31

@beanchopper oh I wish you could upload it! If you think you can see one then likely it’s there I will keep everything crossed for you!
I think I will wait tomorrow! My internet cheapys will serve me well from then on 😂

Beanchopper Tue 23-Apr-19 13:15:31

@Beclaboo I wish I could show you, I am hoping it's not line eyes 🤞🏻

Mummytoboyxx Tue 23-Apr-19 13:55:21

@Beanchopper that sounds promising. Upload a pic when they let you! X

Beanchopper Tue 23-Apr-19 15:43:16

Let's see if I can upload now @Beclaboo @Mummytoboyxx

Mummytoboyxx Tue 23-Apr-19 15:51:45

I think I can see a faint line on the first pic. Maybe try another test in the morning, and fingers crossed it’ll get stronger! Xxx

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