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ClearBlue Ovulation Tests Timing

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Casti Sun 21-Apr-19 10:56:30

I started my first IUI cycle this month, and started taking CLOMID on day two of my cycle. My scan was supposed to be due this weekend, which meant it would be done this coming Monday instead, but with it being a bank holiday, it's been moved to Tuesday. (2-3 days after when they actually wanted to do it)

The nurse asked that I do OPK's in the mean time, to make sure we don't miss the surge and have wasted the money for the scan etc. She suggested the ClearBlue digital for ease of use.

So far, I've only had empty circles, but then today, I got a flashing smiley face.

Is it still possible that my scan next week/IUI may be done? Or does this mean I've missed this month?

Thank you all, sorry it's so long smile

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