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TWW crazy thoughts

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GreatestShowUnicorn Sat 20-Apr-19 00:16:10

Today I just thought maybe if I could remove some of the water from my urine maybe by boiling I'd get a positive as the hormone would be stronger!

What's the craziest 2ww thought you've had?

Michellebops Sun 21-Apr-19 16:37:53


Nothing like that but just when trying not to symptom spot you become more aware of symptom spotting ifgwim and convince yourself you're pregnant before you've even taken the test. Only to get a bfn as it's so blooming early.

That and I'm more annoyed at other people wasting money on expensive tests at 7-10 dpo and then others saying they see a faint line and to try again later or tomorrow. I get more annoyed during the tww than the first 2 weeks. It's not even as if it's my money 🤷‍♀️

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