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Polycystic ovaries, NOT PCOS

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Ashford10 Mon 22-Apr-19 19:36:46

@catconfusion and @faitheloise

Thank you for your replies. It’s was so disheartening when the doctor said that’s it no more children, I was in such a shock and upset that I took last month off TTC. But going to keep trying as read on the internet and from your experience you can get pregnant. I have regular periods but detected high testesterone on the blood tests. I’m slim & have no hairs on my body or face so really confused hence no idea whether I have had it all my life or whether my hormones have changed recently since having my 1st child.

@faitheloise all the best with your 3rd pregnancy

@catconfusion good luck trying to conceive

FaithEloise Mon 22-Apr-19 17:41:44

Sorry i meant the doctor said i "wouldnt"

FaithEloise Mon 22-Apr-19 17:40:35

@Ashford10 i am 23 smile at one point i had an ultrasound and my ovaries were like fuzzy balls as there were so many cysts on them. A few months later they had all cleared up without treatment. But the doctor said i would conceive naturally and i certainly have, without using ovulation trackers or anything at all so fingers crossed for you hun 😘

SunStruck Mon 22-Apr-19 17:29:13

I was told I have PCO when I went to my OBGYN because I only had 2 periods in 4 months after coming off the pill for many years. I am 35 and just got married, so we wanted to start TTC.

The news were shocking to me because I've always had a regular period (when I was younger and also in my 20:s when I had a copper coil in for 6 years). No PCOS symptoms whatsoever either. Did lots of tests and the OBGYN said just PCO, and I should be able to get pregnant ('should').

We started trying straight away thinking it will take 6-8 months at least but fell on the second cycle! Currently only 6 weeks in, and having a first early scan on Thursday... fingers crossed!

Catconfusion Mon 22-Apr-19 15:59:31

@Ashford10 pcos is hereditary so it is for life. It's possible to have stages where you're not symptomatic though so it can go undetected. Good luck to you! Xx

Ashford10 Mon 22-Apr-19 15:55:55


I’ve recently been told the same thing by the doctor that I won’t be able to conceive naturally and need ivf as I have pcos. I’ve had 1 child already so not sure if I have had pcos all my life and not been aware of it or whether I’ve recently got the disease. How old are you can I ask? That’s amazing you have had 3 children with pcos. Goes to show that you can get pregnant.

EssJayyCee Mon 22-Apr-19 14:43:00

@FaithEloise aww congratulations!
I like hearing success stories.
This is only my first month ttc it just so happened to fall on one of my crazy cycles. So there is still chance for me to conceive. I just think too much into things.

It's made me smile reading your comment so thank you for the hope x

FaithEloise Mon 22-Apr-19 14:30:22

I have PCOS and was told by doctor that it was unlikely id conceive naturally. So i stopped taking the pill and 3 months later i was pregnant. I am now pregnant with baby number 3.. i haven't been on the pill or anything since my son was born 14months ago so it has taken 14months to fall pregnant but we weren't "trying".. it will happen for you soon i hope🙏 xx

Catconfusion Mon 22-Apr-19 08:36:20

Thanks @Birdie6 I can imagine it was so stressful. I'm finding the failed ovulations are reducing me to tears when my temp drops and it's affecting my mood for the day. It's so hard to see my body failing after my miscarriages. How did you cope with the anticipation? Sometimes I go to bed early just so I can wake up and see what my temps are doing. I'm day 35 now and still nothing.

Congratulations though on your babies. Success stories are so important so we don't give up hope! Xx

Birdie6 Mon 22-Apr-19 08:24:44

Yes, that's me too. It took me 4 years to conceive the first time and 5 years the second. Had one ovary removed in between due to a big ovarian cyst. The whole thing just took over my life - calendars were my worst enemy. Just looking at one could reduce me to tears. Keep all fingers crossed ! it can happen xxx

EssJayyCee Mon 22-Apr-19 08:17:07

No I've not heard of the 30 day pcos challenge. What is it?

My eating well has completely gone of out the window recently I can't seem to sort it out.
I was on slimming world October until just last week because it wasn't working for me anymore I quit.

I have put on nearly all what i had lost and now I'm getting down about it so that's not helping anything either.

I was thinking of trying Agnus castus but I read on the information leaflet that you shouldn't use it when trying for a baby so now I'm confused!

I definitely won't be giving up but I'm just so scared it's never going to happen!
There are two babies in the family at the moment and it makes me so so broody.

Catconfusion Sun 21-Apr-19 10:26:18

@EssJayyCee thank you. Everyone has that risk with ttc but until it's happened it doesn't feel like it's possible, especially when the pregnancy symptoms are strong. My friend who's an embryologist said conception is like rolling a dice. You just don't know if the embryo will be viable as so many factors to consider. Largely they're just chromosonally abnormal. I was apprehensive until we were 6 weeks as most miscarriages happen early. I'd heard of missed miscarriages but as it only happens in 1% of pregnancies I never thought it would happen to me. I was convinced my baby was ok as no bleeding or cramps so was really unprepared for it!

Congratulations on your weight loss. It's great you're eating so well. Sometimes I think there's only so far you can go without losing all enjoyment in food. That's no way to live. Fruit is so healthy and a shame to limit it too much. Have you heard of the 30 day pcos challenge? I'm hoping to do it in May. I've always been reasonably lean but in the past year have put on three stone. A stone of that was through the pregnancies. No one talks about baby loss weight. My bmi is 28 so it's not too bad but I want to get down to normal.

Years ago my doctor recommended Angus Castus and it really worked for me. I don't think they'd be any harm in trying it but you could talk to your doctor. It's early days with insotisol but I've heard it can even assist with weight loss too. When I fell pregnant I was taking pregnacare conception but I've recently switched to Proceive. A good pre conception multivitamin will cover anything you're not getting from your diet.

You seem really strong and determined so I'm sure you will get there. Don't give up! Xx

EssJayyCee Sun 21-Apr-19 10:07:53

@Catconfusion Thank you so much, I think it's anyone's worst nightmare of having to deal with a pregnancy loss and we all hope it won't happen to us. I can't even begin to imagine how you have felt!

I am not going to lie, I used to be obese. Over the last 4 years I have managed to lose alot of weight and 4 dress sizes. And I am now just in the overweight bracket a few more lbs and I'll be in the normal bracket.
I feel like my obesity has had an effect on my fertility and everything.

My diet is the best it's ever been but I know there is still room for improvement I just find it so difficult!
I had been doing some research and realised how bad sugar is for fertility and although I don't have alot of added sugar I realised the fruit I eat has alot in so I'm going to have to analyse what fruit I'm eating.
I have only been taking Folic Acid and Vitamin D. I have read a few people taking Angus castus. I am a bit nervous of taking things though in case they have a negative effect. Did you speak to your doctor before taking it or did you just take it upon yourself?

Catconfusion Sun 21-Apr-19 09:44:46

Thank you, it's been quite the shock as I never thought pregnancy loss would be our problem. It's tricky with pco I think as there's no cause for it, no hormone imbalance in bloods to treat, it just happens. I think there's still hormone imbalance it's just very slight and maybe not symptomatic when they do the cd 3 blood test.

My cycles were very long like yours in my 20s so I can definitely say they get better with age. On my miscarriage scan I was told the cysts were gone too so they can resolve. My doctor has said even though less symptomatic I still have it as genetic and with you for life but it can get better.

I've read the irregular ovulation with pco is likely to have an inflammatory cause. Diet and environment are key to controlling it. I'm trialling removing gluten, dairy and added sugar from my diet. Also using natural household sprays and avoiding bpa. It's hard but we really want to fall pregnant again. I'm so worried it caused my miscarriages as some research suggests it's more likely with pco/pcos. I just want to get it under control.

I'm not sure if you're on supplements but I've found Angus Castus helpful in shortening cycles and Inosital is a newer supplement I'm trying too. Agnes Castus should be stopped when ovulation confirmed each cycle. Inositol is good throughout pregnancy so just keep taking it.

Good luck, I know it's tough having long cycles when ttc but you'll get there. I'm hear if you'd like to chat. Xx

EssJayyCee Sun 21-Apr-19 09:24:34

@Catconfusion I am so sorry for your losses! flowers

Thank you for the conception hope!
I think you may be right with the annovulatory cycle to be honest!

My longest cycle is 64 days and my luteal phase is usually 15/16 days (going from previous cycles charts) so CD48/49 is the latest I will potentially ovulate unless I get an even longer cycle this time!
I am CD42 at the moment.. so there is still time but I'm not feeling very hopeful!

Thank you for your words smile
I just wish AF would come so I could begin again and hope for ovulation that cycle!

When I went to the doctors about my irregular cycles i had an ultrasound and blood tests ultrasound showed the cysts and bloods were all normal.

This is only our first month TTC and I'm shattered already.
The doctor said to try for 6 months and if no luck then to go back and they would look into it further. So I guess it's a good thing I am not having to wait the full year like so many people have to.

Goodluck and I hope ovulation comes for you soon!

Catconfusion Sun 21-Apr-19 08:10:20

@EssJayyCee I have pco diagnosed with ultrasound when in my early 30s. I've felt it's hung over me for years as my periods have always been irregular and I knew I wanted a baby one day. I didn't meet the right person until 38 years old. He proposed and as time wasn't on our side we decided to stop using contraception after the wedding.

In the 3 months before I used Ovusense (couldn't recommend enough) to monitor my cycles. Turns out I ovulated every time but very irregularly. It happened anything between day 14 and 34. Our plan was to start actively trying January this year (we got married Oct last year).

Miraculously before Christmas I found out I was pregnant so I'd fallen on my honeymoon which is the first time we hadn't used contraception. It seemed too good to be true, it was. At 10 weeks pregnant I had an ultrasound due to light cramping and slight spotting. The baby was showing as only 6 weeks and didn't have a heart beat. We needed surgery to remove the pregnancy. We were devastated.

In the cycle after this I fell pregnant again without even having a period. This was a chemical pregnancy and ended just over 4 weeks. I'm now in my cycle after this and I'm day 34 with no ovulation yet so we can't even try.

I think the reason I'm telling you this story is because I wanted to show you pco doesn't in itself stop you from conceiving, sometimes quickly. Keep going with the temping. It is frustrating when you just want to try but ovulation isn't here yet. You might be having a anovulatory cycle or it might happen late. Try and take each day as it comes. Treat your body like a temple: eat healthily, sleep well, limit stress. Behave as if it's just around the corner. You never know it might be.

Someone I chat to on another group with pco ovulated on day 73 and fell pregnant so you never know!

Good luck and I hope it happens soon for you! Xx

Minibow Sat 20-Apr-19 09:52:25

I recently discovered I have one polysytic ovary. I have two children and a MC before I had my first. Both were conceived in less than 6 months.

This time around we are 18 months in and not even a squinted! Had all the tests. All fine. Next step is Clomid, though I think consultant is just humouring me as she made it clear that Clomid isn't proven in our situation.

I do wonder if I had the polysytic ovary when I had my previous pregnancies or if it's a new thing. 🙄

IamPickleRick Fri 19-Apr-19 19:07:43

I have PCO. I tried to conceive for around 5 years with one partner, and then fell naturally within 9 months with current partner despite barely having periods at times. We then tried for another 5 years before I took metformin and fell with DC2 on the first cycle. I then fell again naturally when baby was 6 months old and hadn’t had any periods at all.

I have irregular cycles and my luteal phase is much much longer than the usual. I ovulated on day 42 with DC2. Tracking was no good for me, temping was mildly helpful but nothing actually helped except the drugs in the case of our second one. I honesty thought I was a lost cause and then suddenly, POW, 3 babies!

EssJayyCee Fri 19-Apr-19 18:59:09

@IBoogy @physicskate @CycleWoman
Wow! Your journeys must have been so hard to be on but well done on making it out the other side and I'm sure it was all well worth it now you've got your little people!

@DoveGreyLove thank you for the little piece of hope! I have been off the pill 9 months now. I didn't realise BBT tracking was a think until December last year which is why I have only tracked the last 3 cycles. I was amazed that there was something to actually help me determine if I was ovulating or not!

I have been trying cheap opk's but because my cycles are so weird i am using them really quickly and not getting a result.

I looked into a digital monitor but I just can't afford one.
I am just keeping my fingers crossed and BD'ing every other night. I'm hoping it won't take too long but obviously beggars can't be choosers!

CycleWoman Fri 19-Apr-19 18:22:32

I have PCO but not PCOS. Took me about two years to conceive. My cycles were 24 to 45 days and the month I cot pregnant I ovulated on day 37.

All the tests I had proved I was ovulating and they weren’t prepared to do much more given that. I was told to be patient (which didn’t go down well at the time!).

Am now TTC #2 and have been trying 10 months. Interestingly since I got pregnant my cycles have been more regular about 27 to 35 days.

Tracking my temperature really helped me as I could work out when I was ovulating.

lboogy Fri 19-Apr-19 18:06:20

One pregnancy *

lboogy Fri 19-Apr-19 18:05:43

I too have pco and not pcos. My cycles are regular. We had unexplained infertility. I had 6 rounds of iui, on pregnancy from that but I miscarried at 6w. Then first round ivf success.
It took 4 years. I'm 39

DoveGreylove Fri 19-Apr-19 17:45:58

Hi @EssJayyCe

I have polycystic ovaries (Not PCOS) and conceived first month trying. So I am proof that it can happen quickly! I did do a LOT of preparation and homework leading up to TTC though.

I came off the pill a good 12/18 months before. I monitored my cycles etc for over 12 months - used Clearblue OPK's for about 6 months (very expensive... I know), measured my BBT and recorded everything on the "Glow" App. From all of this I worked out I usually ovulate day 19-21 of my cycle. So when we were ready to start trying I was very clued up on my cycle and ensured we DTD every other day/at least every 3 days the week leading up to my estimated ovulation date, on the day I got a positive OPK and the day after for luck.

Some months my period came early, some months it came late but after monitoring it for so long I did see a pattern emerge.

Remember it can take a while for your cycles to settle after you come off the pill and it isn't unusual for them to vary by a few days. I would get CM at different points in my cycle too, but once I had an idea of my estimated ovulation date I soon realised when my "fertile" CM was. I used OPKS at this time too (as well as BBT) and this tended to confirm I was going to ovulate/had ovulated.

Apparently it is common to not always release an egg so don't panic if you have a cycle where you think you may not have ovulated.

I wish you all the best of luck xxxx

physicskate Fri 19-Apr-19 17:45:54

I have pco (not pcos). Took over two years and a round of ivf to get my daughter. Started ttc when I was 32. Our infertility was 'unexplained'. In the two years of ttc my cycles ranged 28-39 days. I had two chemical pregnancies. So I'm not a good news story for you. But there was literally no reason why we couldn't get pregnant (and stay pregnant). But we just didn't.

It's common not to ovulate every cycle. Really, you'd need a blood test 7 days after ov to confirm, but ov sounds unlikely this cycle from what you've said.

Ttc is shit. Good luck.

EssJayyCee Fri 19-Apr-19 17:24:04

Has anyone else got PCO?

How long did it take you to conceive?
Were your cycles affected by it?

I have PCO and my cycle lengths vary month to month. I stopped taking the pill July 2018 and have had a range of cycles from 18-64 days.

I have been tracking bbt for the last 3 cycles. The first two were 37 and 39 days and I could pinpoint ovulation on CD 21 and CD22.

I am now on CD40 of this cycle with no obvious ovulation. I have started tracking CM but I seem to get "fertile mucus" at varied points. Does that mean my body is trying to ovulate but failing each time?

Any help, success, advice and other stories are welcomed.

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