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WTT #1. DH wants one last holiday

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MrsMcG18 Fri 19-Apr-19 09:04:43

Hi all,

I’m 31, DH is 33. We got married last year and always planned to start TTC this year. We spoke about timelines last night and he said he would like one last holiday before we have kids.

I understand what he is saying, I too would love another getaway but I also don’t want to delay TTC anymore. Most of the places left on our bucket list are Zika zones and realistically we wouldn’t be able to go until later on in the year, so TTC would be delayed until next year 😔
Any suggestions on what we could do? x

AryaNoOne Fri 19-Apr-19 09:21:26

You say “most” of your wish list are zika zones - presumably that means not all? I would book a trip to a non-Zika destination and start TTC in parallel but just keep plans flexible enough that if you feel sick or tired there will be options.

We started TTC last spring and booked a long-haul September holiday. We kept it flexible in case I was a few months pregnant but TTC took us about a year (am about 6 weeks now), so in the end we had quite an active holiday. But we could have adjusted it to be more relaxed if I had needed that.

I think if you put your life on hold for TTC it will be that much harder if it takes you a while. Plus cramming in couples holidays feels like a good bet - we’re actually trying to work out when and where to do more more exciting trip during my pregnancy.

MulderitsmeX Fri 19-Apr-19 10:50:46

Don't put ttc on hold would be my advice. It might take you years. Book something closer to the time (ie so you know you won't be 3rd trimester) that would work if you're pregnant.

Loads of safari destinations are zikha free (and you could go in Sept for migration season!) Mauritius, reunion all gorgeous and zikha free. Bermuda I think still zikha free - what sort of places have you been thinking? Also pretty sure the Seychelles are also fine.

Definitely try to squeeze in a hol as holidays with kids aren't as fun/relaxing tbh but definitely don't wait, there will always be something that makes you want to out it off would be my advice x

username67795 Fri 19-Apr-19 11:04:43

Could you not pick somewhere different that doesn't have the Zika virus? Like previous posters have said ttc can take a while. After over a year of ttc to cheer us up we booked a holiday to the Seychelles. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. We were fine to go as no Zika and we had a wonderful baby moon .

MrsMcG18 Fri 19-Apr-19 11:32:22

Thank you all for your replies, i am so pleased you feel we shouldn't wait. I was starting to think I was just being my normal impatient self 😝

DH is out tonight so I think I will have an evening to myself working out possible destinations which we could go to while TTC or would still be ok for us to go to if, fingers crossed, we have a passenger with us, and give him some options to choose from x

physicskate Fri 19-Apr-19 15:06:03

Don't put your life on hold. I started ttc on my 32nd bday. Didn't give birth until a few months after my 35th. Ttc is unpredictable at the best of times. It may take ages (or not). So I'd follow the other poster's advice about trying to be flexible. But you're doing the right thing about being aware of zika (and folic acid etc).

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