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TTC First Baby - Thread 16!!

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Fivebyfive2 Fri 19-Apr-19 08:39:26

Hi all, thought as it's Bank Holiday and thread 15 was 900 plus I'd start a new one, hope that's OK??

Copying tags from when @starkid updated them all the other day.

Hope this works as I've not created a thread before!!

@Jessikka - 28 Cycle 4
@starkid - 29 Cycle 8
@MrsAW2018 - 24 Cycle 10
@TTC34 - 34 Cycle 3
@19Bee2 - 27 Cycle 2
@MrsH497 - 32 Cycle 5
@MrsR16 - 26 Cycle 9
@Lola871 - 31 Cycle 3
@ValidUser - 29 Cycle 1
@DayDreamer1707 - 28 Cycle 6
@Flapjackered - 31 Cycle 10
@DuchessofPemberley - 32 Cycle 7
@KittieKath - 34 Cycle 6
@KatBeCool - 40 Cycle 11
@MrsMcNtobe - Cycle 6
@BabySquid - 29 Cycle 11
@Sleepyquest - 28 Cycle 2
@Granddesigns - 32 cycle 5
@Catlady31 - 31 cycle 1
@LikeTheFruit - 30 cycle 4
@Jooloo11 - 32 Cycle 3
@Daisiesandpeonies - Cycle 11
@LuckyPenguin - 34 Cycle 3
@Lizzie198 - 30 Cycle 2
@Rachel59pink - 26 Cycle 1
@Orangeloo - 31 Cycle 4
@Lemonysherbet - 31 Cycle ?
@NKB88 - Cycle 2
@Wildrabbit - Cycle 2
@Essjayycee - Cycle 1
@Hannah192 - Cycle 4
@LoMoon - Cycle 6
@Hiddenfigure - Cycle 1
@Jc88146 - Cycle 18
@Kay98 - Cycle 16
@Lottiepink - 29 Cycle 13
@Bec18x - Cycle 4
@Soda123x - 32 Cycle 2
@Aimingfor2019 - 28 Cycle 3
@Lifesforlivingandloving - 32 Cycle 1
@MotherOfShihTzus - 33 Cycle 14
@Cupcakesandglitter - 23 cycle 11
@Baby01988 - 30 Cycle 5
@Pinksunset1 - 28 cycle 4
@TonightJosephine - cycle 1
@Toobies1 - 30 Cycle 5
@Blackfriars - Cycle 4
@rosehm 28 - Cycle 1
@SophWolf - Cycle 1
@Thosethreewords - Cycle 4
@Fivebyfive2 - 30 Cycle 9
@SunnyL88 - 30 Cycle 9
@rose555 - 32 Cycle 4
@Chembecky - 32 Cycle 2
@AysLon - 31 Cycle 2
@SunStruck - 35 Cycle 2
@dahlia123 - 32 Cycle 4
@LokiCat - 28 Cycle 6
@TrulyMiss - 30 Cycle 1
@SSC92 - Cycle 1
@Bacchant - Cycle 2
@Headswim - 36 Cycle 4
@Lemurville - 32 Cycle 5
@Tropicana1 - 28 Cycle 1
@McHelenz - 30 Cycle 1

ValidUser Sun 19-May-19 17:29:47

@DanceMagicDance1 come over to thread 17!

DanceMagicDance1 Sun 19-May-19 12:31:03

Hello again. So we DTD and now it's my first two week wait. I was just wondering (and I'm sure I'm being over paranoid!!) should you stick to a pregnancy diet during the 2 week wait?

Obviously I'm not drinking and am being reasonably healthy but should I avoid mouldy cheese and only have 2 cups of tea a day (not enough 😩) for 2 weeks a month while we're trying???

ELW85 Tue 14-May-19 22:09:59

@Wingz93 hi - we’re on this thread now:

Just so you don’t think we’re ignoring you!! And welcome, you’ll get lots of support here smile

Wingz93 Tue 14-May-19 13:31:55

Hope you don't mind if I join? I'm 26, TTC #1 since November of last year. Never thought it would take this long, or be this stressful for that matter. Nothing worse than when AF arrives, so disheartening!
Don't even know when my AF is due this month -first cycle I have used OPKs properly and had any clear signs of ovulation (EWCM etc.) , but I got 2, borderline 3, positive OPKs around a week and a half apart. No idea what that means but heyho. Onwards we go!

Good luck to you all! 🤞 and huge congratulations to those with their BFP

Meenabeena Wed 08-May-19 16:46:44

@LokiCat ah we are kinda the same.
Also 28, cycle 5 of trying and currently on CD 3.

Did anyone else notice their period change when they started TTC? Mines gone lighter. I used to have at least 4 days now I'm pretty much finished after 2 days :/

Mirana Wed 08-May-19 16:43:39

And yes there are tears on the wrapper haha, I rang my mum and cried blush

Mirana Wed 08-May-19 16:42:21

@LokiCat That's a negative opk. I use the NHS ones which are the same as cheapies and have seen my specialist twice with tests like that, they are negative, but definitely stronger than a "normal" line so you may be starting to surge. FMU makes no difference with opk's and most people usually surge in the early afternoon.

For reference have attached my positive opk from the weekend. The test line should match the control line, or ideally be considerably darker. I've been through the ringer trying to understand these so hope it helps!

LokiCat Wed 08-May-19 16:16:31

@MrsEG thanks for creating the new thread!

My stats:
Age: 28
Cycle 6, but mc in March
CD24 hoping ovulation is tomorrow!

I managed to get away slightly early and should be home in 20 mins 🤞🏽

@FlapJackered sorry to hear about AF. I hope the Ava bracelet helps!

@Meenabeena sorry about AF, as well! Understandable to feel disheartened by it. Hopefully a new cycle brings some positive news!

@Lozzlepop a night away sounds great, I hope it helps with the anxiety!
I had some spotting when we DTD at 5 weeks, then the heavy bleeding started.. so I've been thinking I'll be very anxious about having sex if I do get pregnant again.

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 15:56:27

Crikey @mrsEG we’ve talked a lot! Thanks for the new thread smile

Haha @lozzlepop DH looked a bit ashen when I explained the schedule to him over dinner last night.. will have to see how we get on!!

@ELW85 someone beat me to it on explaining SMEP! I’m on cd11 at the moment, my cycles are average 31 days though so ovulation not due for nearly a week. So impatient!

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 15:52:46

New thread ladies -

I haven't tagged everyone as there are so many of us - will try and tag those most recent posters in to it now though!

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 15:49:16

@FlapJackered I have a link hun, let me dig it out for you. Also we are very close to thread limit here - I’ll set up a new one!!

FlapJackered Wed 08-May-19 15:47:40

Hi lovely people. I hope everyone is doing ok?
Sorry I have been a bit absent, AF appeared and had a minor af meltdown as you all have probably experienced before 😂
I have decided to take the plunge with Ava as the resale value is pretty good and I think I need to try and chill with the whole ttc thing a bit and I think not temping every morning would help that...hopefully!

How are people getting on with it?
Does anyone have a discount code I could use?

Lozzlepop Wed 08-May-19 15:47:32

@MrsEG I'm oddly not so anxious about getting pregnant again as like you say its a different sperm and different egg, its more the doing of the deed 😂 due to some spotting we had decided to hold off until after the 12 weeks so haven't done it in about 9 weeks 😱We have just booked a night away for next weekend though so I am sure it will happen then if we don't manage before!

@starkid its so true that it only takes one time as the cycle we got our BFP we only DTD once during FW 😂

@dahlia123 thank you lovely, we are just waiting for my cycle to regulate again after the MMC so we can get back to trying!

@LokiCat that is looking like a positive to me

@Jessikka thats good that you are feeling better 😊

@purplefig thank you lovely. We had a really rough couple of weeks with scans and trips back and forward to the hospital but starting to feel like my normal self, back to the gym (#FitFeb will live on 😂) and work and my head is in a good place. Sad having to put the pregnancy vitamins away and reach back for the conception ones but trying to see the positives where we can and given time we will try again!

@Dollywilde good luck with SMEP thats what we need to try but honestly I don't know if we would have the stamina 😂

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 15:44:28

@Meenabeena So sorry AF arrived and you’re feeling down, it happens to us all. Just think the next cycle starts now; I really need hope it’s a lucky one for you.

@purplefig A cuddle with the pets is the best medicine! My dog always cheers me up smile I’m also cycle 9, but two losses in that time also. Can’t believe it either - who knew it could be this hard?! I’ve gotten massively back in to exercise for my overall health but mental health too, it’s done me wonders.

Everyone discussing OPKs - this is exactly why I prefer the Clear Blue digital! So much easier to just wait for those smiley faces. You can test with FMU, too. So damn expensive though (my god, the money I’ve spent TTC... doesn’t bear thinking about)

@ELW85 Welcome! The sperm meets egg plan you can find if you google ‘SMEP’ - we actually did it this cycle (but ended up doing 5 days in a row at the end rather than 3, my poor DH was a broken man by the end of it all!) - you basically start with every other day from around CD8 I think. Always best to get a good reserve of sperm in there before ov day, as it can survive a good 5 days!

ELW85 Wed 08-May-19 15:40:20

@starkid We’re totally in the same boat! Doing it 3 times in the fertile week last cycle was definitely an achievement for us, haha!
Are you in your TWW now?

Fingers crossed for us all that we get a BFP soon!

@Dollywilde - meant to ask where you were in your cycle?

starkid Wed 08-May-19 15:24:45

@Dollywilde - 5.30pm is probably a pretty decent time to do it smile

@ELW85 - I've got an idea of when my fertile week usually is now, as my cycles don't usually differ much asides from a couple of days, so we start dtd once AF is over every few days just in case the positive comes a bit earlier than expected (what happened this month!), with me doing OPKs from maybe CD8. Then will start every other day when my fertile week usually is, and make sure to do it the day of the positive opk and the following day especially smile
We're not usually as often as that, so takes a bit of planning/reminding to stick to it haha, us managing 4 times in the fertile week this month was an achievement.

ELW85 Wed 08-May-19 15:19:10

@Dollywilde thank you so much for the welcome!
I’m on CD8 but I have a 25 day cycle usually, and a luteal phase of about 13-14days, so O should be CD11 or 12 for me.
I’m getting negative OPKs at the moment, but we’re going to start DTD from tonight on an every other day basis.
I’m so curious; what’s the Sperm Meets Egg plan?!

I’ve just read something really interesting that said DTD every day might be detrimental depending on sperm count, and apparently DTD every other day compared to daily only reduces the chances of conceiving by 2% BUT I feel like I don’t know enough about it, and there is a lot of conflicting info!

It’s so weird that I spent the majority of my life trying to not get pregnant, and now it’s the one thing I’m impatient to do?!
I’m sure I’m not alone though smile

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 15:03:38

@starkid Glad it's not just me! I don't get in until gone 6.30pm so I'd be worried about missing the LH surge if I waited until I got home. Thinking about ramping up to twice a day OPK tests during FW so testing at work at about 1pm and then either just before I leave at 5.30pm or when I get in at 6.30ish, but don't want to risk getting the wrong time... sigh

Welcome @ELW85! I'm also on cycle 2. Whereabouts in your cycle are you? Last month was our honeymoon so we were pretty much every other day throughout the cycle. This month I'm loosely following the Sperm Meets Egg Plan so every other day from cd10 - I'm hoping DH has the stamina to keep up if we get a positive OPK and we ramp up to every day for three days! When not TTC we usually manage twice a week, sometimes three times a week which is obviously good, but I'm keen to try and make sure our attempts are as 'targeted' as possible IYSWIM...

ELW85 Wed 08-May-19 14:43:50

Hi Ladies - do you mind if I join in?
This is our 2nd cycle TTC and time would be great to chat to you all for support!

We started using OPKs and an OvaCue from last cycle (which went weird as I was jet lagged and it delayed O by about a week).

I was wondering if you guys start DTD before a positive OPK (but in the week you expect a positive) or if you just wait until then?

Thanks in advance!!

starkid Wed 08-May-19 14:42:23

@Dollywilde - oh god, testing at work is a nightmare. We've got a bathroom with cubicles in it, and I tentatively sneak in with a test and my 'receptacle' under my arm or in a pocket, but panic every time about someone coming in while i'm putting it in the bin or washing the receptacle out!!
I prefer to do it as soon as I get home from work instead

KatBeCool Wed 08-May-19 14:38:33

@Bettythecat those two aren't even enough. Morphology is very important, and a regular test checks a few other things too.

Bettythecat Wed 08-May-19 14:27:59

@KatBeCool this particular one tests for count and mobility but I have to admit I'm sceptical about the idea. The finger prick was awful!! I have no idea how people manage to get enough for the sample! 😮

KatBeCool Wed 08-May-19 14:26:01

@Bettythecat at home SA is not accurate at all and it doesn't test for anything but the sperm count. Those are absolutely not worth it. You're better off paying for a real fast privately. And it hurt my finger just thinking of you trying to squeeze some blood out of yourself.

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 14:09:53

*loos, not lips...

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 14:09:34

Also how are you all managing to test if you’re at work? At the moment my solution is keeping an egg cup in my handbag but our lips are by reception and I’m paranoid about our receptionist clocking that I’m in there at the same time each day for 10 minutes 😂

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