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TTC First Baby - Thread 16!!

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Fivebyfive2 Fri 19-Apr-19 08:39:26

Hi all, thought as it's Bank Holiday and thread 15 was 900 plus I'd start a new one, hope that's OK??

Copying tags from when @starkid updated them all the other day.

Hope this works as I've not created a thread before!!

@Jessikka - 28 Cycle 4
@starkid - 29 Cycle 8
@MrsAW2018 - 24 Cycle 10
@TTC34 - 34 Cycle 3
@19Bee2 - 27 Cycle 2
@MrsH497 - 32 Cycle 5
@MrsR16 - 26 Cycle 9
@Lola871 - 31 Cycle 3
@ValidUser - 29 Cycle 1
@DayDreamer1707 - 28 Cycle 6
@Flapjackered - 31 Cycle 10
@DuchessofPemberley - 32 Cycle 7
@KittieKath - 34 Cycle 6
@KatBeCool - 40 Cycle 11
@MrsMcNtobe - Cycle 6
@BabySquid - 29 Cycle 11
@Sleepyquest - 28 Cycle 2
@Granddesigns - 32 cycle 5
@Catlady31 - 31 cycle 1
@LikeTheFruit - 30 cycle 4
@Jooloo11 - 32 Cycle 3
@Daisiesandpeonies - Cycle 11
@LuckyPenguin - 34 Cycle 3
@Lizzie198 - 30 Cycle 2
@Rachel59pink - 26 Cycle 1
@Orangeloo - 31 Cycle 4
@Lemonysherbet - 31 Cycle ?
@NKB88 - Cycle 2
@Wildrabbit - Cycle 2
@Essjayycee - Cycle 1
@Hannah192 - Cycle 4
@LoMoon - Cycle 6
@Hiddenfigure - Cycle 1
@Jc88146 - Cycle 18
@Kay98 - Cycle 16
@Lottiepink - 29 Cycle 13
@Bec18x - Cycle 4
@Soda123x - 32 Cycle 2
@Aimingfor2019 - 28 Cycle 3
@Lifesforlivingandloving - 32 Cycle 1
@MotherOfShihTzus - 33 Cycle 14
@Cupcakesandglitter - 23 cycle 11
@Baby01988 - 30 Cycle 5
@Pinksunset1 - 28 cycle 4
@TonightJosephine - cycle 1
@Toobies1 - 30 Cycle 5
@Blackfriars - Cycle 4
@rosehm 28 - Cycle 1
@SophWolf - Cycle 1
@Thosethreewords - Cycle 4
@Fivebyfive2 - 30 Cycle 9
@SunnyL88 - 30 Cycle 9
@rose555 - 32 Cycle 4
@Chembecky - 32 Cycle 2
@AysLon - 31 Cycle 2
@SunStruck - 35 Cycle 2
@dahlia123 - 32 Cycle 4
@LokiCat - 28 Cycle 6
@TrulyMiss - 30 Cycle 1
@SSC92 - Cycle 1
@Bacchant - Cycle 2
@Headswim - 36 Cycle 4
@Lemurville - 32 Cycle 5
@Tropicana1 - 28 Cycle 1
@McHelenz - 30 Cycle 1

starkid Fri 19-Apr-19 16:10:22

Thanks for the new thread @Fivebyfive02 - I wasn't pay close attention to when the last one would finish, oops! There was a few people who have recently changed stats/been added that missed the cut, including @Lovemypug smile will update it all and post them again maybe next week!

@Dollywilde - Welcome! I've added your stats for next time [smile

So 9dpo, sore boobs, cranky and spotty - think pms is coming sad oh well, as soon as it does i can make a doc appointment (this has seemed like such a long cycle because I'm impatient for it to finish, but am only cd26!)

Dollywilde Fri 19-Apr-19 16:17:48

@starkid thank you! And thanks all for the welcome. So excited to finally get to join one of these! 😂
I know what you mean about cycles feeling so long now. AF went awol on me last month for 3 days (usually 30 day cycles but 33 last month) - seems like nothing but it was such a long 3 days! Especially since we weren’t actively trying but it would have been great news anyway, so that added to the limbo-ness.

daisiesandpeonies Fri 19-Apr-19 16:57:21

Thanks for adding me to the new thread! Will try to be more active this thread, it's just that fertility testing kind of makes TTC stop while you're seeking answers.
I've had a blood test which I'm awaiting results for. My scan showed that my ovaries look polycystic, which explains my long cycles. It's also likely that I'm not ovulating because of this which makes some sense - have such little luck with otks. Will see the consultant next month for more advice and possible treatment, as well as DH's results.

dahlia123 Fri 19-Apr-19 17:11:39

Thanks for the new thread @Fivebyfive2

Hello @Dollywilde!

@McHelenz - Frer seems to be. Would say hold off as long as you can. I know some people test every day or more but I feel so disappointed that I'd rather not have that every day.

Fingers crossed it's early symptoms and not pms @starkid

@daisiesandpeonies hope the consultant can give you some answers.

Am 6dpo and feeling mild cramps but tbh I wonder if it's TWW nerves making me feel wound up and nervous.

EssJayyCee Fri 19-Apr-19 17:27:25

I am having a nightmare of a time to conceive. First month trying and my cycle decides to mess around!
I had two cycles 37 and 39 days and I thought they had finally started evening out... with bbt showing I'd ovulated.
Now on first cycle ttc and my temps have been all over the place no obviously ovulation and CD40.


ValidUser Fri 19-Apr-19 17:31:48

@EssJayyCee and @daisiesandpeonies I feel your pain!

AF just got me.

Tropicana1 Fri 19-Apr-19 17:42:47

@ValidUser oh no!! Sorry AF got you I really thought it was looking positive for you

Tropicana1 Fri 19-Apr-19 17:43:30

@LikeTheFruit haha love that! Keep us updated on the fizzing as it progresses 😂

Lola871 Fri 19-Apr-19 18:07:39

Thanks for the new thread! I've now started my TWW for the month, due on either 30th April or 1st May. I haven't been much of a symptom spotter my last couple of cycles so will see how this one goes! DTD twice during fertile week, unfortunately OH was working a lot so wasn't around much!! Why does it always coincide with fw??

Fivebyfive2 Fri 19-Apr-19 18:26:11

@Validuser,sorry af arrived xxx

@flapjackered, hope you're OK with all the visitors! Xx

I am fuming at the moment!! After af cleared up I tell dh this could be a good cycle to really go for it as it is so soon after the mc/d&c so maybe I'm still more hormonal etc... Also the fact that I reeeeeally want to be pregnant again ASAP! He said he was well on board. Dtd every other day didn't work out, I think fine, it happens. We dtd Wednesday and I said the next few days are the best time. Nothing yesterday. Get my peak/static face with cramps, feeling damp the lot, today. Tell dh today is the day. What does he do?? Eat loads of crap at work, come home saying he feels 'off' /tired!! Have gently reminded him today is the best time and he literally rolled his eyes!!! I'm upstairs now because he's pissed me off!! Sorry to rant, he's usually really good and was so supportive when we went through everything earlier this year. I know he is feeling pressure, maybe I've been going on about wanting to catch ASAP and it's messed with his head. But I'm the one poas, taking vitamins, tracking etc. And I just know tomorrow he'll be in the mood and I'll be thinking... It is a bit bloody late now?!!! Sigh.

EssJayyCee Fri 19-Apr-19 18:43:56

@ValidUser sorry to hear AF arrive.
Do you have polycystic ovaries too?
What sort of length cycles do you get?

MrsEG Fri 19-Apr-19 18:58:29

@Fivebyfive2 Me and DH went through the exact same after my first MC. Totally missed our window that cycle and I was distraught but he then told me a few days later that he personally was just terrified. He said he’d felt so hopeless and couldn’t bear seeing me that upset, and was scared of it happening again. In all honesty I hadn’t even considered his feelings about it at all. Maybe try having a chat with him about it - after we did it really cleared the air, and we were soon on the same page again.

@ValidUser so sorry AF has arrived, hope you’re treating yourself to the best Easter egg in the aisle this weekend x

@Lola871 FX you’ve caught it, it only takes one time after all smile

@starkid Really hope AF doesnt show, will keep my FX for you the next few days x

EssJayyCee Fri 19-Apr-19 19:02:57

I have been having boob pains for the last week and on off cramps but not sure if its AF almost here or ovulation or just my body being an arse.

Fivebyfive2 Fri 19-Apr-19 19:07:29

@MrsEG, thanks hun xx I think maybe I have accidentally put alot of pressure on catching this cycle?? Which is mad I know, it is not the end of the world if it doesn't happen right away. I'll chat to him in a bit and check in. If we miss the window, maybe next cycle I'll try to chill... Which is actually what we did the cycle we got pregnant in Jan anyway!! Thanks for replying to my stupid rant xxx You're very wise 🙂

MrsEG Fri 19-Apr-19 19:13:04

@Fivebyfive2 Rant away it’s what we’re all here for! I think I just forgot that like, he had feelings too 😂😂 It was soo good talking it out though. Don’t get me wrong there were tears but I think he now feels a lot more involved. I also try very hard not to use the word ‘ovulate’ - apparently, least sexy word ever haha!! He may just be feeling the pressure as you say.

FlapJackered Fri 19-Apr-19 19:23:13

@Fivebyfive2 I am not surprised you are annoyed I would be fuming too. In fact I have been fuming with DH doing this before so I know how you feel. It is so frustrating when we try so hard and they hardly have to do anything! I hope he perks up and gets his head back in the game!
Meanwhile my DH has just gone for an all afternoon bike ride in the heat, I am pretty sure those swimmers are dead from the heat and lycra now 🤦🏼‍♀️
I think after a mc the desire is so strong to be pregnant again. It is hard to let it go - I was even prepared to syringe in the sperm if DH isn't in the mood this cycle as I don't want to mess it up at all now. Luckily that was enough to spur him on! 😂

FlapJackered Fri 19-Apr-19 19:24:26

@ValidUser so sorry for AF. Remember you are only on cycle 2 after your op, so it's early days. ❤️

LokiCat Fri 19-Apr-19 19:35:32

@Fivebyfive2 I felt exactly the same last month! We had our mc in March, so I mentioned that it is likely I will be more fertile/hormonal the cycle after, which he was on board for. However DH decided to sign up to more overtime during the month and so was tired when he was home, so we missed it completely.
He said he was feeling pressure and needed to clear his head after the mc, hence tried to escape it by working more 🤦🏻‍♀️ Similarly to MrsEG I didn't even think about how it would affect him.. I think DTD also become more of a chore rather than something fun..
I wish men would talk rather than trying to push the feelings away.

I'm just glad we're back on the same page now. @MrsEG I've agreed to stop using the word ovulate now as well! I think it may be a trigger for them 🙈

Fivebyfive2 Fri 19-Apr-19 19:35:48

@flapjackered, sorry to hear his swimmers may be incapacitated tonight!! Oh my, a syringe... Now there's an idea 😳

I wouldn't have minded so much if he'd been a bit more upfront about it, maybe told me I was making it pressured or even that he's not feeling it or whatever.. It is that he says he wants to try again right away, that he's up for dtd on the Good days etc... Then I come home to find him in a ratty t-shirt and pants, playing ps4, farting away on the sofa... 'I ate too much cake, I'm soooo tired'!!! Am actually laughing at the situation now, it's so bloody ridiculous!!

Anyway, I've just told him that I'm sorry if I've been pressuring him, that it's only because I want it so badly and also that I'm taking that my body seems to be back on track so quickly must be positive sign etc. That I'll try to chill a bit, but could he please make an effort during the window... We'll see how it goes.

I'll be amazed if it happens tonight now, maybe tomorrow but will probably be too late then. Am already mentally on to next cycle, maybe no opks and a return to the Every Room challenge?! 😛

LokiCat Fri 19-Apr-19 19:37:43

@ValidUser so sorry AF arrived for you!

@McHelenz I've clearly been looking at prams, etc too much as I now get advertisement banners for them when I visit other sites 🙈🙈

McHelenz Fri 19-Apr-19 19:44:04

@lokicat I want a Cosatto haha. I start looking at prams and clothes as soon as a I get broody

Tropicana1 Fri 19-Apr-19 20:45:37

@Fivebyfive2 sorry that your DH is being like that! I tried to initiate earlier this afternoon and DH said "later" ffs, so now sat here with a glass of wine waiting to see if later happens, and I can't even say anything because of his performance issue on Thursday night! So impatient because I've got my static and just want to bloody DTD

Crossfitgirl Fri 19-Apr-19 21:22:25

Just checking in so I can keep an eye on you all 🧐 good luck to everyone this cycle.

@fivebyfive2 just keep on at him, I think it takes consistent telling of the DHs to actually sink in that there's a window. it's hard to balance the "not too much pressure" , but "THIS IS THE WINDOW!" lol. I had to keep reminding mine literally every month! Don't put too much pressure on yourself either, be kind to yourself :-) xxx

Crossfitgirl Fri 19-Apr-19 21:25:43

Also, @validuser... That bitch. Sorry she showed up. As @flapjackered says, still early days, if you sort of technically consider this to be cycle 2 of being all optimal :-) but frustrating all the same.


ValidUser Fri 19-Apr-19 22:14:40

Thank you lovely people!

@EssJayyCee not PCOS, but I've lost a tube to appendicitis and it's been in there ruining my chances. Got the hydrosalpinx out and this is my first cycle with any chance. I feel your pain more generically!

@Crossfitgirl how are you and bump? So glad you popped in! Xxx

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