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Internet cheapies v first response

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GreatestShowUnicorn Thu 18-Apr-19 18:39:01

Are first response really better?

Squiff70 Thu 18-Apr-19 18:44:58

It's not about being better really. First Response can tell you if you're pregnant up to 6 days before your missed period. Internet cheapies don't do that (one day before maybe, at a push). Internet cheapies are usually realiable but you have to wait a bit longer in your cycle to use them.

Squiff70 Thu 18-Apr-19 18:46:13

EDIT: Just seen your pic features "ultra early" kits which claim to tell you up to 6 days early too. In that case I don't know the answer, sorry, but wil watch with interest!

starflake Thu 18-Apr-19 18:47:36

I use one step internet cheapies & they detected my pregnancy on Sunday when AF isn't due till tomorrow

TheCraicDealer Thu 18-Apr-19 19:15:22

Those amazon jobbies picked my pregnancy up at 11 DPO, so I mean they do the job if you can hold out a day or two more. That being said it was a very faint line so I ended up getting a FR to check anyway! But it's good to have a stash of the cheapies anyway.

GreatestShowUnicorn Thu 18-Apr-19 19:17:02

@starflake wow that's early I'm due my period Saturday but possibly as late as Tuesday based on my ovulation tests

Tiredbadger Thu 18-Apr-19 19:24:29

I used the cheap ones from amazon and they showed positive for me 11 dpo

Rarfy Thu 18-Apr-19 19:26:25

The cheap ones will pick up the only thing I would say is sometimes the lines on them are a bit like 'is that really a line or a shadow or an imprint where a line should be?'

Dp didn't believe my line because of this grin

LouH1981 Thu 18-Apr-19 20:25:56

I used a one step i/c at 10 dpo and with urine at 5pm and got a faint line.
Confirmed the next day with a FRER. If that helps at all?

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