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Tastes like blood

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mummyjojo19 Thu 18-Apr-19 11:45:07

Ladies this is going to sound really random but as of this morning I have a taste in my mouth like when you have a bit of a blood. A quick back story I haven't had a period since December but we have put this down to my husband and mum being really poorly. Anyway over the last few weeks hubby has been a lot better and we have been dtd a lot. The problem is I don't know when I ovulated.

I have itchy boobs have had twinges and cramps for a few days spotting for the last few days mainly when I wipe and it's been pink and brown (sorry tmi) and now today I have started with this bloody taste in my mouth could anyone advise when I should take a pregnancy test?

Thanks in advance for any help smile

vegpatch Thu 18-Apr-19 11:48:42

I get a weird, metallic taste in my mouth when I am pregnant. I'd do a test if it's a possibility you are pregnant. smile

mummyjojo19 Thu 18-Apr-19 11:54:40

Does the description of tasting like blood class the same as metallic sorry to sound thick I just don't want to buy a good test to waste it but yes there is every possibility I could be pregnant x

TheGirlWithGlassFeet Thu 18-Apr-19 11:56:58

I had a metallic taste in my mouth when I was pregnant too. I would do a test and test again in a week if negative. Good luck!

babysharkah Thu 18-Apr-19 12:01:21

It was the first symptom I was pregnant. Do a test today.

mummyjojo19 Thu 18-Apr-19 12:03:38

The other thing I have noticed is I can smell everything someone had burned a candle in their house I few days ago my husband and our friend didn't know I smelt it as soon as I walked in to the room and i can smell cleaning products on cups etc :$ xx

pinkpushchairs Thu 18-Apr-19 12:10:33

Do a test now, if you're pregnant enough to get symptoms you're probably pregnant enough to show up. Especially on a FRER.

I get horrible taste and smell everything too

pinkpushchairs Thu 18-Apr-19 12:10:46

I also sneeze loads

nespressowoo Thu 18-Apr-19 12:20:24

POAS smile

vegpatch Thu 18-Apr-19 12:22:29

Metallic taste is definitely a bit blood-like...I get smelling super powers too.
Congratulations if you are happy about it!

thaegumathteth Thu 18-Apr-19 12:22:54

I was better than a sniffer dog when pregnant! Poas

sirmione16 Thu 18-Apr-19 12:23:49

100% do a test!! I had these symptoms early pregnancy

rainbowstardrops Thu 18-Apr-19 12:46:26

It's definitely a symptom so do a test!!!!

dahlia123 Thu 18-Apr-19 12:50:30

Do a frer!

mummyjojo19 Thu 18-Apr-19 18:33:18

Gonna holdogf a couple of days as I am still spotting however I have also started with lower back ache this afternoon and I am totally shattered I will update when I have tested thanks all xx

TheGirlWithGlassFeet Fri 19-Apr-19 22:17:54

Oh I had super sonic smell too. I could smell road works a mile off.

mummyjojo19 Tue 23-Apr-19 23:16:59

Ladies I took this test this evening I know I should use fmu but does anyone see a faint line here? This pic was taken 2 mins after doing the test xx

HollyDollyLolly Tue 23-Apr-19 23:20:46

I think I see x

sirmione16 Wed 24-Apr-19 09:40:32

I can't tell from that :S take another!

pinkoi Wed 24-Apr-19 13:56:50

I'm in a similar position.
AF due tomorrow or day after, but I have been like a sniffer dog since the weekend. Normally my partner is the one who is sensitive to smells but I'm smelling stuff he isn't noticing. It took me a few days to notice that I was doing it even.

I'm also aware that my mind is a very powerful thing and wishful thinking goes a long way. I was completely oblivious to being pregnant with #1 until I got to CD38 and started to wonder..

However I'm not going to test before AF. Probably wait until CD30...

Fingers crossed for you xxx

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