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9 Days of Flashing Smiles and BBT chart is a mess - help!

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emmyloucuddles Thu 18-Apr-19 08:31:54

Looking for some advice please as I'm going a bit mad. I'm TTC no. 2 (no problems with the first) but I am having a lot of trouble working out when I'm ovulating - currently on Cycle 4 so decided to test this month and also start temping! I have been using Clearblue Advanced OPKs and they have been giving me a flashing smiley for the last 9 days. My temps are all over the place as well, I've attached my chart - perhaps it's possible I already ovulated on CD22, but then WHY am I still getting the flashing smiley?! I would be so grateful to anyone who had any idea what might be going on! Thanks xxx

emmyloucuddles Thu 18-Apr-19 17:50:34


emmyloucuddles Fri 19-Apr-19 08:40:15


L0kiWh0 Fri 19-Apr-19 09:02:45

It looks like you haven’t ovulated yet.

Have you been poorly? That would affect your temps and ovulation. What has your cervical mucus been like? You’ll be looking for it to be stretchy like egg whites around ovulation.

Ashford10 Fri 19-Apr-19 14:05:01

Hi I had the same smiley flashing faces on the clearblue that it made me so anxious. I ran out and didn’t bother buying a new pack. I tracked my cycles through natural cycles and it actually tells you based on your temperatures if you ovulated. Might be worth a go using natural cycles. It’s so frustrating isn’t it

emmyloucuddles Fri 19-Apr-19 17:24:44

@L0kiWh0 oh that makes me sad! No not been poorly at all. So weird, I hope there isn't a hormonal issue at play. I have never really gotten a lot of ewcm when ovulating preciously so I cant count on it as an indicator 🙄 xx

emmyloucuddles Fri 19-Apr-19 17:26:36

Thanks @Ashford10 I'll take a look. The app I'm using - Fertility Friend - is meant to tell me when I'm ovulating too based on the temps but I've obviously not met the requirements for it to suggest I have indeed ovulated 🙁 xx

L0kiWh0 Fri 19-Apr-19 17:41:42

The thing with the clear blue monitors is that they test for 2 hormones - the flashing is when it detects oestrogen and the static when it detects LH. Your oestrogen level fluctuates throughout your cycle to a flashing doesn’t always lead to a static. And to confuse you further, a static only detects the LH rising, but it can rise and fall many times before you ovulate. I know you’ve spent a lot on it but I would really recommend ditching it in favour of the cheap ones that only test for LH and continue temping as well, as the temping is the only way to know for sure if and when you’ve ovulated.

As an aside, I didn’t produce any ewcm at all following a mmc in April last year. We were trying unsuccessfully but decided to take a gamble on preseed fertility gel, which mimics the environment of natural ewcm, and fell pregnant on the first cycle using it. I’m due in a few weeks!
I’m not entirely convinced it’s not a gimmick but I’ve heard it’s happened to a lot of other couples too.

Also, not to worry you, but I’m just wondering if you’ve ever been treated for/tested for ovarian cysts? They produce oestrogen constantly so would account for your prolonged flashing smileys. Do you test all through your cycle or just when you think you’re fertile?

emmyloucuddles Fri 19-Apr-19 19:16:23

Thanks so much @L0kiWh0 that's super helpful and useful to know!! I think I'll give the cheapies a go next month instead.

Next cycle I will definitely be getting that preseed! I have heard lots of amazing things!! Congratulations on your baby too - so glad it worked for you.

Re cysts - I had a scan not so long ago to check for them as I had been having abdominal discomfort and there wasn't any to be seen. Everything looks normal. I started testing soon after my period as well just to be sure and got 10 days of empty circles (low fertility) results before I got my oestrogen rise and flashing smileys. Xxx

L0kiWh0 Fri 19-Apr-19 19:33:54

That’s good news about no cysts - that’s one of the first things to rule out so it’s good you’ve already had it done.

I can’t really offer much else other than to keep temping, using a proper bbt thermometer (vaginally is better but not for everyone) maybe have a read up on the ‘sperm meets egg plan’ (I’ve never tried this myself but I know a lot of people use it) and just keep trying. Not gonna roll out any clichés like ‘relax and it will happen’ but as long as you keep doing what you’re doing with regards to learning about your fertility and how your own body is working, then there’s no reason you can’t catch that egg!

Good luck!

emmyloucuddles Fri 19-Apr-19 20:19:14

Maybe I should try vaginally next cycle - seems such a faff first thing in the morning 😂 but it might give me more stable temps!

I totally get what you're saying, I will definitely try! We have been BDing loads and I will just keep at it and try and stop obsessing so much. Thanks for all the advice! Xx

CZFR Sun 21-Apr-19 07:33:34

On the BBT side because you started mid-cycle I think it is quite hard to tell anything. You probably just need a little more time to see how it fluctuates.

Remember to take your temp everyday at the same time. I read some places that said within a 30 min window but for me to be stable it had to be at 6am on the dot everyday. I put an alarm and just went back to bed when I wanted to. Also I found that putting the thermometer under my tongue and closing my mouth shut quite tightly helped.

🤞 for you! Xx

emmyloucuddles Wed 01-May-19 23:31:48

Hi @L0kiWh0 and @Ashford10 Thanks so much for previous advice. I really appreciate it. This is my chart today, things have changed slightly! I think FF might have my OV date wrong and I actually OV'd on day 29/30. What do you guys think? Just waiting to test now, hope these temps stay up for a couple of days more. Don't want to test just yet as think as I OV'd later it would be too early. Xx

emmyloucuddles Wed 01-May-19 23:32:59

Sorry @CZFR - wanted to tag you xx

CZFR Thu 02-May-19 08:10:19

I would agree with you! I would more incline towards the 29th day. 🤞 xx

L0kiWh0 Thu 02-May-19 08:41:30

Hmm I’m not sure. Did you get a static at any point?

emmyloucuddles Thu 02-May-19 09:11:50

No it just got silly in the end - I ended up using 27 Clearblue sticks then I ran out and gave up!! but that was before CD29 so maybe I would have got my static if I had had more. Next time I am just getting a load of cheapies!!!


CZFR Thu 02-May-19 09:20:26

Natural cycle is really good it tells you when you should do an ovulation test. I think I only used 3 when I was tracking per cycle. Xx

L0kiWh0 Thu 02-May-19 10:46:24

I’d be tempted to say cd 29 or even cd30 for O.
What are the chances of you waiting until Monday to test? (Or are you poas at every wee like I did?😂)

L0kiWh0 Thu 02-May-19 10:47:21

Also did you dtd around that time as you haven’t charted if if you did

justchecking1 Thu 02-May-19 11:02:55

I'm thinking more like CD 29/30. If you DTD around then, I'm also liking your second peak around CD35 too smile

emmyloucuddles Thu 02-May-19 12:04:05

I am rubbish at charting anything other than my BBT so yes I think we did DTD around CD29/30 hahaha 😂 they are all blurring into one right now.

Thanks girls! You've been amazing. Fingers crossed this is my month. I am desperate to test but I would only be like 9/10dpo if I did O on CD30 so should probably wait. Can't bear to see a BFN again right now. I have zero willipower though so will probably start POAS tomorrow! Xx

Where is everyone else in their cycle?

L0kiWh0 Thu 02-May-19 12:37:56

18 days til due date! Feeling uncomfortable but treasuring every minute at the same time as it will be my last baby, so I want to remember every bit (wouldn’t mind forgetting about the constipation/piles right now though 😫)

Wishing you lots of luck for testing and keeping 🤞🏻 That this is your month!

CZFR Thu 02-May-19 14:35:02

I am 16weeks and a bit pregnant with my first, expecting a little girl 😊

Whishing you loads of luck and please do keep us updated! 🤞🤞 for you xx

emmyloucuddles Thu 02-May-19 23:44:37

Oh that's made me smile big time!! Congrats to the both of you and thank you for taking the time to help me during this crazy time. You are angels. Wishing you both a healthy and happy remainder of your pregnancies and extremely easy births 😉 I'll definitely let you know Monday the verdict 😂😂 lots of love and thanks again for the reassurance and advice xxx

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