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7 months since mc, still trying for first baby

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Dramaqueen14 Wed 17-Apr-19 22:11:00

Hi all I need a bit of a rant. I’m 7 months post mc in September at 11 weeks and I’m feeling so low. Af spotting has started this evening.

Feel like I am never going to have a baby. Reminders of babies everywhere. At work I am taking over work from a girl that is going on mat leave in 2 weeks. It’s all just a constant reminder that I’m not pregnant and didn’t get my baby.

I want to be more positive this month. Can anyone advise on ovulation tests? I used some cheap ones this month but only tested once a day. Is the clear blue digital any good? Also thinking about pre seed.

Thanks xx

Kate3150 Thu 18-Apr-19 07:12:28


I know how you’re feeling seeing others pregnant/with babies. It breaks my heart when I see Mum/Dad & baby all out together and thinking that may never happen.
I had a MC last year and we’ve only just started trying again as I was poorly (down to other things). I did use pre seed which I found OK, but have started using something called YES lube which is organic. It’s not specific for TTC but it’s a natural product and for me is the best lubricant I’ve used.
I had some counselling last year and I’ve just reached out for some more as I’ve noticed my anxiety is creeping up again.
It’s such a tough process and you’re not alone 💜

Dramaqueen14 Sun 21-Apr-19 21:14:45

Hi thanks got your message and sorry to hear you were poorly after your mc. That must have been tough. I’ve been
Going to counselling which has helped. It’s just so hard isn’t it x

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