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Acupuncture for fertility

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CateyA Wed 17-Apr-19 21:34:28

Has anyone got any experiences of fertility acupuncture?

Is it a benefit or a waste of money?

twinkle999 Wed 17-Apr-19 21:44:01

Watching with interest

Minibow Wed 17-Apr-19 21:52:10

I've had 4 sessions. It's very relaxing. All I can say really. No bfps.

miracleon13th Wed 17-Apr-19 21:54:16

I've tried it. Very sceptical at first - BFP after 2nd session though....having had absolutely no BFPs in over a year x

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 17-Apr-19 21:57:35

In some parts of California if you have IVF you automatically have acupuncture alongside your treatment as it increases your chances. Not seen as woo or alternative there at all just standard treatment.

PetraRabbit Wed 17-Apr-19 22:20:47

It might be coincidence but I genuinely think it worked for me.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 17-Apr-19 22:23:41

No direct experience but my acupuncturist talks about women he's treated who it seems to have worked for.

sewingismyhobby Wed 17-Apr-19 22:28:27

I had my DS at 43yrs. Had a course of reflexology (for heavy periods) and she talked about freeing a blockage or something similar. Discovered I was pregnant about 8 weeks later. I wasn't actively trying for a baby at that point so have no idea if the reflexology released something but it was a huge shock to both of us. Pregnancy and baby perfect. smile

PersonaNonGarter Wed 17-Apr-19 22:31:07

Try reflexology. I am very cynical but it has worked for me for discomfort and loads of people swear by it for fertility.

LittleAndOften Wed 17-Apr-19 22:31:11

Yes. I was recommended by a physio who'd had 9 miscarriages, then after acupuncture with this particular therapist, went on to have 3 children. After 3 m/cs (following my first successful pregnancy with ds) DH and I decided to try it. I had 6 treatments and am currently 10 weeks pg. The recommendation was for 3 months of treatments but we couldn't afford it. Not out of the woods yet (12 week scan here we come!), but I've had such strong symptoms I'm feeling positive. As a holistic treatment there's never going to be concrete proof as such, but I'd definitely recommend it. It's expensive though, and I'd try and find a referral to a well established practitioner.

I should also mention that there is a big difference between a practitioner with a degree in Chinese medicine who's studied for years, and someone who's done a short add-on course. Definitely check their credentials. Good luck!

bunnieboo91 Wed 17-Apr-19 22:33:19

Hey @CateyA

I went through my first IVF cycle and had acupuncture and I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. I caught on the first transfer grinI am a strong believer and I wish you all the luck in your journey!

dahlia123 Wed 17-Apr-19 22:42:32

Watching with interest as I've had a few sessions.

No BFP yet but it makes me feel much more relaxed and while it may have been a coincidence, the period I had after a few sessions was virtually pain free - usually heat packs and hot water bottles are the only way I make it through.

teacuptale Wed 17-Apr-19 22:48:04

I’ve heard a lot of good things about acupuncture when having ivf. I had acupuncture when trying for my first baby and throughout the first trimester. I had only been trying for a few months before starting acupuncture, but was concerned about a short luteal phase. I conceived the first month I tried acupuncture, but I may well have conceived anyway. I think the weekly sessions in my first trimester helped me to stay calm and positive. There are probably cheaper ways of achieving that though. I’ve subsequently got pregnant for a second time without the aid of acupuncture.

Liadan Wed 17-Apr-19 23:04:59

I had two sessions of acupuncture to bring on my period after a few months of waiting after going off the pill. After my second session, driving home in the car, I felt a sharp twinge in my side and had a bit of spotting. Two weeks later and still no period, I decided to take a test just because I had loads of the internet cheapies and it was positive. I think that twinge on the way home was implantation. Now it might have happened regardless but it was still kind of awesome smile

Sunshine2988 Wed 17-Apr-19 23:11:59

I came off the pill about 6 months ago and only one period so I’ve been having acupuncture for the past 7 weeks and no joy at all (no bfp or periods!) I think maybe it depends on what problems you have to begin with?
The woman just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working as she said many women she’s seen it works pretty quickly.
It is relaxing though which is a big factor in all of this stuff, I’ve just stopped for the moment because of money being a bit tight

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